Saturday, May 08, 2021

Meditation - S01E07 - SAIYSW

Meditation is frequently discussed in the world of self-development.

But what is it?

When I told someone that I meditate daily, they asked if I sit cross-legged, holding my fingers together saying 'omm'.

That's the stereotype.

Yet there is much more to it because it's a simple tool that can support our mental health by reducing stress.

Thought leader Tim Ferriss was surprised to discover how many (conventionally) successful people meditate.

In this episode I define the basic concept and give three sources to get you started:

1) Headspace - I used this and meditated 365 days in a row...but ultimately found it a little narrow in its focus...although it's had a few updates since. (At the time of writing they have a 30% discount.)

2) Calm - my current favourite because of the range of resources: different types of meditation, music for focus, sleep support...

3) Waking Up - my friend Willem recommends this one. Put together by neuroscientist Sam Harris, this is an exploration of attention and how the mind works.

Full disclosure - no affiliate links with these tools.

Ideas you can do today:

_click one of the links and try out a free version  (obvious right?)

_right now -notice your breathing. Don't try and change it - just notice it

_close your eyes and breathe in fully, then out fully, counting each in breath until you get to 10...harder than you might think

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