Wednesday, July 01, 2020

About ‘Book Summaries’

As a teacher, coach, and voracious reader I regularly get asked for book recommendations. I’m also always on the hunt for good books too (my mum is a great source).

Some of my greatest learning and joy has happened when engaged in a book.

As I tell my students READ A BOOK!

In 2018 I started putting ‘currently reading’ and ‘just finished’ into my email signature. It meant I went from reading 8 books a year to 18. I’ve done it ever since.

The 'Recommended Reading' posts are a list of my favourite reads - both recent and ancient.

Reading books is also at the core of Self-Awareness Is Your Secret Weapon. Whilst non-fiction is the obvious starting point, fiction has a clear place too.

For how to make the most of the 'Book Summaries' posts, see here.

Photo Credit: Callum Shaw on Unsplash

Note: I use affiliate links for the books I suggest.