Monday, December 21, 2015

Let It All Hang Out: Shifting The Conversation About Men's Fertility

Shifting the Conversation About Men’s Fertility

Tooting, London

I'm hosting a fund-raising event for male-related charities CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably – the charity which exists to prevent male suicide) and infertilitynetworkUK (the UK's leading charity providing information, support and advice to all those struggling to conceive). The event will be held on Saturday, January 9th at the Gorringe Park Pub. There is no admission and the fund-raiser runs from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The event is also a chance to bring some real-talk to a challenging area, and shift the conversation about male fertility and infertility, and masculinity in general.

I created the project while participating in a Landmark leadership program.  Part of the coursework was to create a project that benefits the community.  Landmark is an international training and development company, who is known for offering their flagship course The Landmark Forum.

Around 50,000 couples per year have IVF in the UK. For three quarters of them the treatment fails. My wife and I had two failed rounds in 2013. It was an upsetting time. Whilst there is a lot of support for women around this difficult issue, men are spectacularly silent. A chance to create a project that would raise awareness about this was natural for me.

The event is being supported by The Gorringe Park Pub who have waived their venue fee to support the event.

For more information: call The Gorringe Park on 020 8685 0469, or register to attend via Facebook here.

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