Monday, June 22, 2015

The Man Who.

A walk in the park
1. The man who always thinks/ the man who never stops/ the man who sees it all/ the man who never drops. 2. The man who's standing firm/ the man who doesn't slow/ the man who holds together/ the man who's in the flow. 3. The man who's level-headed/ the man who is aware/ the man providing all/ the man who's always fair. 4. The man matching word and action/ the man that says, "You can!"/ the man who lifts me up/ the man; on who's shoulders; I stand. Thank you Dad.


Father's day is a bit of pointless commercialism really. I make sure I go and have dinner with my parents every week and thoroughly enjoy monopolising their attention.

At some point every time I'm there, I'm struck by how much they've done for me, supported me and encouraged me. I acknowledge the contribution they are.

So it was nice to capture something about the spirit of my dad.