Friday, June 27, 2014

At first I was afraid... (Saying Goodbye to the Class of 2014)

Sung at the Leavers' Do, 2014, to the tune of 'I Will Survive'

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.



At first I was afraid
I was petrified
That ... would never get
His work in on time
But there were so many nights
Where ...  got the questions wrong
 ...  grew strong
With time in the gym so long
 ... won’t go back
To that Essex place
When he can ignore all his teachers
But he’d better get that A
 ... don't know his tables to get by
He won't crumble
Just don't ask him six times five

And there's  ...
With a drink or two
As long as it's dramatic
He'll say something to you
 ... with a cricket bat by his side
Won't say much
He'll just give the same old smile
 ... will try
To be on time
 ... was eating gulab jamun
Never at school before nine
Let  ... go on and on
He's 18 can buy alcohol
Will he survive?
Without  ... at his side?

hey hey

Vocal Adlib

You must move on
From this place
Where  ... changes uniform
Every single day
 ... plays with tennis rackets and his balls all the time
He won't fumble
His French is fluent all the time
And you see  ...
Somebody new
She's not that chained up little person
With a good grade or two
 ... the one
Who's always got some rude asides
He's never humble, he'll work at Next for a long time

And  ... won't mind, He will revise
As long as he's with  ...
He'll know he'll be alright
They were the ones
Who would drum and rap all the time
 ... might smile
Despite Spanish football's demise

Where's  ... ?


It took all the strength he had
Just to make a start
But in the end  ... as head boy
He played his part
With  ... checking that he didn't get too mad
He worked hard
Just don't mess with  ...'s dad
So now go
Walk out the door
Don’t turn around now
Cos your life will be much more
Weren’t we the ones who got you to revise
You think we’d crumble
Your teachers worked towards the skies
Go on and fly
And you will thrive
As long as you remember
Ewell Castle deep inside
You've got all your life to live
Just make sure that you give
And you will thrive
Remember Ewell Castle deep inside
Deep inside