Thursday, December 20, 2012

JDS Insights: August 2012

This year's summer holiday was not really any different to others. I read, I explored my writing a bit more, I shopped, I spent time in coffee shops...the usual.

As well as that - we celebrated ten years of being together and five years of marriage. I can't believe it's gone so quickly. It did make me reflect on my relationship the stuff I'm proud of and not so proud of and how much it does take work. We have to intentionally make an effort on our relationship.

I also took a lot of my clothes to be now I have trousers that not only fit me in the waist but also are the correct length. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier! I did this because I was browsing a few mens' fashion blogs - I had no idea there were so many.

August is also the month of school results. This year it seemed as if it was a 'the market correcting itself'. No 'record years' and all that. Nope. Far more sober and in keeping with the fact we're 'in a recession'.

I still say to the boys I teach - whilst good results are useful - they don't have to dictate their future unless they let them or want them to. Some pupils define themselves by their results; others less so. As a teacher I suppose I 'should'...but I don't.

This month I'm trying a different layout for the insights* below. They're not supposed to be read in a linear fashion - more like - see what jumps out at you - which words, which phrases - and read them. I've noticed that's what I do.

It might seem like a wall of text but our brains being pattern-identifying-machines fixate on single points and then attempt to make sense of it. IMHO it's an interesting way of interacting with the ideas contained within.


Aug 01: Creation happens all the time - whether we like it or not. Aug 02: Destruction happens all the time - whether we like it or not. Aug 03: Intentional creation is true freedom. Aug 04: Understanding your Self is most of the battle. Aug 05: Bringing something into existence can be hard work or simple. My choice. Aug 06: Once I get started it's easier to keep going. If I don't even start the game is over. Aug 07: No thing is permanent. Every thing is created. Aug 08: Without something to push against there can be no rebellion. Take away the thing to push against and see what happens. Aug 09: If I didn't care I wouldn't get angry. I don't have to let it guide my actions though. Aug 10: My past is nothing to be ashamed of. But it doesn't have to make me who I choose to be in the future. Aug 11: How can I argue with your version of reality? Aug 12: Impose your opinion on someone else and see how they react. Aug 13: The past is rarely exactly how it happened. It's more how it serves your ego to remember it. Aug 14: Enjoy a nostalgia trip for what it is: a trip - the drug being who you thought you were. Aug 15: Speaking the truth is different from living the truth. Aug 16: My future is mine to create. Avoiding life happening to me is the challenge. Aug 17: When I let go of judging other people's situations I am able to contribute appropriately and as needed. Aug 18: People are not always interested in my contributions. Especially when I assume they are. Aug 19: Thinking I have the answer and speaking to others like I do, limits my experience of them and their experience of me. Aug 20: I am never tired of what I think I am tired of. Aug 21: Being lazy isn't necessarily easier than taking action. Aug 22: Comparing myself with others causes upsets. Aug 23: Parents want the best for their children. They just do their best with the tools they've got. Aug 24: It's much easier to believe that people think less of us than they actually do. Aug 25: It doesn't matter how old we get, our issues are always with us. Aug 26: Being able to articulate my feelings gives me power over my self. Aug 27: Being able to articulate another's feelings gives me true relationship. Aug 28: Dishonour how you feel in the moment and watch your energy for life drain away. Aug 29: I can only listen when I am silent. Aug 30: Waiting for the other person to finish before I put my point across is not listening. Aug 31: Assuming how I come across *is* how another perceives me, limits a relationship.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

JDS Insights: July 2012

It's December. It's nearly Christmas and here I am writing about July.

Sometimes I wonder is it better never than late?

July was a memorable month for the country. Who could forget Olympics? The Olympic Ceremonies represented London and this country: horribly good, fantastically real, brilliantly understated and similarly unique: a total oxymoron.

I think everyone has their 'moment of the games': Jessica and Mohamed were mine.

Apart from that drama - I saw Faith No More. First gig in a while (since Deftones I think!) It was brilliant. The twisted cover of Tom Jones' Delilah was a delight. The crowd were slightly older, but the band were enjoying themselves. If Heath Ledger's Joker was the front man in a band, he'd be Mike Patton of Faith No More: hilariously twisted, maniacally funny, and disturbingly lucid.

School was out. A friend got married and I explored an opportunity to start writing.

Enjoy the insights.*

Oh and in other news...
22nd February 2012, 11st 3.2lbs, 22.8% body fat
31st March 2012, 10st 5.6lbs, 19.1% body fat
28th April 2012, 10st 2.8lbs, 18.4% body fat
26th May 2012, 10st 3.4lbs, 18.4% body fat
30th June 2012, 10st 5.8lbs, 19.0% body fat
28th July 2012, 10st 4.4lbs, 18.7% body fat

21st February 2012, 36.75in waist
31st March 2012, 33.75in waist
28th April 2012, 32.75in waist
26th May 2012, 32in waist

30th June 2012, 32in waist
28th July 2012, 32in waist

Jul 01: Success is itself a compelling reason to continue.
Jul 02: Authentic acknowledgement of who I am is sometimes easier to deflect than accept.
Jul 03: Tiredness is no excuse for fear, anger and upset. There is always something else at play.
Jul 04: Tiredness doesn't cause anything. It's the result of something else.
Jul 05: Anyone can find a bunch of people to agree with their opinion. That doesn't make it the truth. 
Jul 06: Opinions make little difference to the big picture.
Jul 07: Comparing myself to others is a recipe for arrogance or apathy.
Jul 08: We are more influenced by what we are born into than we consciously admit.
Jul 09: Nature and nurture together are not all powerful.
Jul 10: Just because we can't articulate something or explain a phenomenon doesn't discount its existence.
Jul 11: Consciousness changes everything.
Jul 12: Everything changes consciousness.
Jul 13: Knowledge is pointless without application.
Jul 14: It really is never too late. Even after you think it is; it isn't.
Jul 15: The need to be right is a potent drug.
Jul 16: Agreement cannot be forced.
Jul 17: When I embrace my natural strengths, I create.
Jul 18: Denying one's natural strengths stifles growth and happiness.
Jul 19: Neglecting inner growth is easily done with outer success.
Jul 20: Discovering my strengths doesn't have to limit me.
Jul 21: Everyone has something to contribute.
Jul 22: Doing something because you said you would, consistently, builds discipline.
Jul 23: There is no right way to do life.
Jul 24: Maintenance can be as important as growth.
Jul 25: Little actions done regularly over time can alter one's life as much as a huge success or trauma.
Jul 26: Managing the little actions consistently over time is more difficult than the huge successes or traumas.
Jul 27: Being unclear about what we want is often a cause of no progress.
Jul 28: Listening and honouring our very deepest truth is amongst the biggest life challenges.
Jul 29: We all know what's best for ourselves - but don't always do it.
Jul 30: Only I can know if something is worth the risk.
Jul 31: The possibility of failing makes life interesting and frustrating in equal measure.
*Mine! All Mine! Mwahhahaha