Saturday, June 30, 2012

JDS Insights: April 2012

I had an interesting time this month.

I received a cheque in the post from Google for £60. It's taken me a few years but it was generated from this blog.

It did make me think: could I write some stuff here that could generate enough interest to make some money? It's an interesting question to engage with and apply some intellectual effort to.

This is also a reason why I have various links across my posts. And it's made me ask myself the question: could I do something entrepreneurial? Pretty obvious given that I'm a Business Studies teacher.

April also saw communication open up with people who I had not communicated with for a while.** I'm not unfamiliar with this scenario and it's quite inspiring to be part of it. It always has ripples out further than I can see but at the same time requires sustained effort. Giving up is easy.

This month is also the time for Easter Holidays. All those non-teachers saying how much time we get out of work. Well not me. Each Easter I have the "wonderful" job of reading, marking and annotating Controlled Assessments.

For the uninitiated, Controlled Assessment is coursework done at school. To prevent cheating.

I'm not sure if I'm the only teacher who finds marking a brain-demanding activity. I find very good work much easier to mark than very not good work.

I got through it.

In other news...
22nd February 2012, 11st 3.2lbs, 22.8% body fat
31st March 2012, 10st 5.6lbs, 19.1% body fat
28th April 2012, 10st 2.8lbs, 18.4% body fat

21st February 2012, 36.75in waist
31st March 2012, 33.75in waist
28th April 2012, 32.75in waist

Enjoy the insights.*
Apr 01: Do enough to make what you want reality. Anything more is wasted energy.

Apr 02: Relentlessly questioning everything ultimately leads to realising the truth about life: it's all made up.

Apr 03: Adapt your actions according to your goal. You'll get there quicker.

Apr 04: Most of us limit ourselves to three or four approaches when dealing with people. Truthfully, there is no limit to how we can behave.

Apr 05: It's easier to limit ourselves than be responsible for altering ourselves.

Apr 06: Perceptions are malleable. Opinions are malleable. Personality is malleable. And yet there are things that are not.

Apr 07: The way someone reacts to me is not always personal. It's up to me if I take it that way.

Apr 08: Everyone has problems they can't handle. When I assume mine are bigger than there's I give away the ability to empathise.

Apr 09: For deeper insight listen to what's not being said.

Apr 10: Just because the weather is a particular way doesn't mean I have to follow.

Apr 11: Families change, evolve, die and are born. I can't expect things to stay the same.

Apr 12: Being one way in my family as a child can be difficult to alter as an adult. Difficult but not impossible.

Apr 13: Conversations with grandparents can explain almost everything. But it requires careful listening.

Apr 14: My wisdom (or lack of) has nothing to do with my age.

Apr 15: Young can contribute to old. Although it's unintended more than intended.

Apr 16: Extended family exert an influence no matter what the time frame. We share some roots.

Apr 17: It sometimes feels as if humanity shared no roots. Yet at the same time we are inextricably linked.

Apr 18: My body responds to input more amazingly than I realise.

Apr 19: We are what we eat, think and do regularly. Therefore we can be anything we choose.

Apr 20: Where are the boundaries between my body, mind and spirit?

Apr 21: Anything can become a bodily experience. Pay attention.

Apr 22: Anything can become a mindful experience. Pay attention.

Apr 23: Anything can become a spiritual experience. Pay attention.

Apr 24: My body responds more to what I ingest than how I exercise. Dammit.

Apr 25: Focusing on something straightforward and doing it repeatedly clears my head.

Apr 26: Truthfully, most of the time I have no idea - I just make it up.

Apr 27: As we age we become more reflective about our lives. Now imagine being 93.

Apr 28: If I can't handle the truth and consequences of my own actions, I'll deny it. And little by little go insane.

Apr 29: The truth is relentless and has a habit of unravelling a life of lies. Best not to live a life of lies then...

Apr 30: All it takes is one mistake. But always remember mistakes can be cleared up and mistakes contain learning.
*All mine

**Naming is not an option