Friday, February 24, 2012

JDS Insights: January 2012

I think January of every year has a post-apocalyptic feel to it.

It's as if we're emerging from the remains of something to create something else.

The whirlwind of December meant my January felt relatively sedate: back to school; mock exams; marking...and well embracing how mundane life really is. It just feels like a l-o-o-o-o-n-g month.

There was one event. I did venture out of the city to go and see Her. She has been living in Somerset for a while and we drove down on Friday to see Her. She thoroughly appreciated Our company - and We throughly enjoyed being there. And Her cooking is very good.

On Saturday, we experienced the Quantock Hills...with entirely inappropriate footwear. Proper townies in the mud. It is quite uplifting being around nature: trees, grass and rain and all. The great British Countryside.

Saturday night out in the town She lives in feels different. It made me feel different. I felt as if we stood out - and I suppose we did. It seems some people forget we're all human.

After that weekend, when a colleague suggested going out for a curry at the end of the month - it seemed like a proper-cool-urban-dweller thing to do. And so it turned out to be. It was a very nice way to bring January to a close and begin the process of opening up 2012.

Jan 01: Life is paradoxical. Deal with it. (Or not).

Jan 02: The things you hate about someone are inextricably linked to the things you love about someone.

Jan 03: The unacknowledged rules us until we acknowledge it.

Jan 04: There's no point 'playing full out' until I set up the game I choose to play.

Jan 05: It's all just a game and then we die right? At least I choose how I play though right?

Jan 06: If I get specific about the game, the rules and how I win, it becomes a *whole* lot easier to play.

Jan 07: Young people are more insightful than we are willing to give them credit for.

Jan 08: Starting something and then completing it is at the core of being truly effective.

Jan 09: Starting something and not completing it avoids dealing with the future.

Jan 10: Starting something and not completing it keeps the "I'm *just* so busy" drama alive.

Jan 11: Sometimes I love humanity. Sometimes I hate it. Which one will I choose today?

Jan 12: Spend less time reacting and more time creating as a way to find peace.

Jan 13: Creation treats life as a long journey. Reaction treats life as a series of sprints.

Jan 14: Reduce external stimulation to deepen internal awareness.

Jan 15: Boredom stimulates creativity.

Jan 16: Never lose your ability to ask why. It stops life being boring and reduces the need for recreational drugs.

Jan 17: Any time you speak truthfully it helps. It's just not always easy.

Jan 18: I find that talking a lot, making others feel small and belittling them, an effective way of covering my inadequacy.

Jan 19: All feelings pass. To be replaced with others.

Jan 20: We are shaped by our past more than we know or care to admit.

Jan 21: Negative vibes are fed the more you talk about them. Same for positive vibes. Yet negative are easier to share.

Jan 22: Figuring out what drives me to be me, is a source of future effectiveness.

Jan 23: What I say, becomes who I am and who I am becomes what I say. If you choose to be conscious.

Jan 24: Living like it's all or nothing prevents the dullness of grey areas.

Jan 25: If I fall asleep to everyday life, I miss the everyday miracles.

Jan 26: Listen and the world listens with you.

Jan 27: Act and the world acts with you.

Jan 28: Speak and the world mostly ignores you. But never be afraid to speak your truth.

Jan 29: Just because it's a cliché doesn't make it true. Just because it's exceptional doesn't mean it can't happen to you.

Jan 30: What I say is all I've got. No-one can take it away.

Jan 31: Not listening to someone is a deeply effective way of depriving them of their sense of self.
* They really *are* all mine.