Thursday, August 11, 2011

JDS Insights: July 2011

Truthfully...the stuff that comes out as insights arrives in fits and starts. Some of what I've written for July relates to events that happened in August.

You might pick up on it.

Otherwise, school ended and July saw me take a dive into the mess and melee that is my cultural community: the Goan Diaspora. And diaspora is the word. I'd never really investigated what the word meant until July - but it basically means settled away from one's ancestral homeland.

Pretty much how I experience my culture and upbringing.

So in July, I went to something called the Global Goans Convention - the fifth one ever and the first to be held in the UK, organised by the Goan Overseas Association (G.O.A.) UK.

I met some very interesting people, opened some doors and was similarly frustrated - all of which will be explained (perhaps) in another post.

I also had some very useful feedback on my writing. Suggestions have ranged from: reducing the swearing and serialising it on a blog to thinking about a proper structure.

The net result is the general encouragement to keep writing.

But July felt like a re-discovery and re-connection.


01 Jul: Cynicism is black. Optimism is white. Skepticism can't choose.

02 Jul: To be optimistic is to deny the existence of the dark side. Balance is missing.

03 Jul: To be pessimistic is to deny the existence of the light side. Balance is missing.

04 Jul: A cynic looks back. An optimist looks forward. Yet truth lives in the present.

05 Jul: Our relationships give rise to who we are. Who we are gives rise to our relationships.

06 Jul: Being on time doesn't have to be difficult. We make it so.

07 Jul: No-one is always on time.

08 Jul: Being real with people purifies the space.

09 Jul: Grow by discovering your own incompetence.

10 Jul: I don't have to get angry about anything.

11 Jul: Absolute truth cannot be comprehended in the realm of the relative.

12 Jul: Our physical life takes place in the realm of the relative. But we exist beyond that.

13 Jul: Anger chosen is righteous indignation. But it can only go so far.

14 Jul: Everyone has something unique to bring to the planet. Discovering it can take a lifetime.

15 Jul: Our motivations for our behaviour are either much simpler or much more complex than we realise.

16 Jul: Our motivations are always deeper than they seem.

17 Jul: What drives us is very rarely what we say it is.

18 Jul: Data is a better guide than opinion.

19 Jul: Facts don't lie. Opinions do.

20 Jul: Inflexibility usually leads to pain.

21 Jul: Flexibility is not the same as being a push-over

22 Jul: Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Neither is it a sign of strength. It's just a request.

23 Jul: Leaving things incomplete is just ...

24 Jul: One aspect of clarity: knowing what you're doing now, doing next and not doing.

25 Jul: Another aspect of clarity: being present.

26 Jul: Everyone wants to impress everyone else. Being conscious to this provides freedom.

27 Jul: Everything you say and do, or don't say and don't do is a communication.

28 Jul: Strength is not only brute force.

29 Jul: Life has no purpose until I make one up for myself.

30 Jul: Everything we are is a communication. Freedom is communicating with awareness.

31 Jul: Communications don't always work because not everyone is listening.
*All Mine!