Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JDS Insights: December 2010

Only now am I getting around to posting about December.

And it was an interesting month. As a teacher, I've started to realise how important the holidays are for physical well-being.

What I mean is that in my job, I choose to give of myself. It's pretty tiring. I trained a PGCE student, I sang in the choir and kept the Sixth Form on track as well as I could, wherever I felt I could.

So - not surprisingly - I got ill on the last day of term.

Like properly ill for almost 10 days. Yes I was hit by the 'flu!

Apparently it's not uncommon for teachers to get ill when the holidays start.

So much for having weeks of holiday eh?

That was December.*

01 Dec: What happened before does not have to dictate what will happen next.

02 Dec: Truth is challenging to tell. Telling the truth challenges.

03 Dec: What's the difference between a half-truth and a half-lie?

04 Dec: Am I driving my life or being driven in my life? One sounds worse.

05 Dec: I actually don't know...until I make it up.

06 Dec: People can handle truth.

07 Dec: Teach history by giving *all* the evidence and letting people make up their own mind.

08 Dec: Offending seems to be easier than inspiring. But inspiring is more natural.

09 Dec: Playing full out gets harder as I get older. Is that because I have become sensible?

10 Dec: Happiness is not found in having more stuff.

11 Dec: To achieve a goal keep removing what's between here and there. The rest is easy.

12 Dec: Complete the preparation and you're ready for anything.

13 Dec: Moving forward after a setback doesn't have to be any more difficult than it was before.

14 Dec: Nobody actually listens to what's out there. Knowing that doesn't help. Practising it does.

15 Dec: Truth makes no difference in your head. Expressing it alters something.

16 Dec: Words are not experiences. They are just noises; signs of reality.

17 Dec: Changing something is different from creativity.

18 Dec: No thing is still forever. Nothing is forever still.

19 Dec: Communication is still possible without knowing another's language. But it requires opening oneself to one's humanity.

20 Dec: It all starts with truth.

21 Dec: When things are cold we understand the value of warmth.

22 Dec: It's difficult to appreciate all the ripples of one's actions.

23 Dec: Embrace your humanity. How else to deal with consistently fucking up? Oh yeah - a sense of humour.

24 Dec: Aspire to something.

25 Dec: Family does not *always* know best.

26 Dec: The previous generation doesn't have to dictate what happens next.

27 Dec: Never discount the emotional and spiritual benefits of exercise.

28 Dec: Never discount the emotional and spiritual problems of physical illness.

29 Dec: Continually doing something will either rob it of its significance or bring deeper insight. Your choice.

30 Dec: Sometimes the appropriate response is to walk away and not bang your head against that particular brick wall any longer.

31 Dec: Hit the reset button. You can do it at any time not just New Year's Eve.
*If you find what I've written interesting, please acknowledge the source. Fanks!