Friday, December 31, 2010

JDS Insights: November 2010

OKOKOK...unconventional and ridiculous - two blog posts in one day.

I'm just tying up the loose ends.

A month of moving forward. My first Saturday detention, my second trainee teacher, yet another 30th and well...a house? Maybe.

Things moved quickly in November. I think this month showed how much life is about clearing stuff out the way for *other* stuff to arise.

Another month, another book too - this time engaging with Economics...I do love it! Capitalism 4.0: The Birth of a New Economy in the Aftermath of Crisis really starts to examine the current recession but is also a history of Capitalism. Interesting stuff.

Book and tech reviews might be a good thing to start to focus my ideas. Thoughts?

Yeah well...that was November.**
01 Nov: Evolve or die.

02 Nov: Do nothing and shit builds up.

03 Nov: Heal physical bruising and battering with rest. Prevent with balanced diet and regular exercise.

04 Nov: Heal emotional bruising and battering with truthful conversation. Prevent with balanced listening and regular forgiveness.

05 Nov: Practising something means it doesn't disappear.

06 Nov: We don't live in a world of absolutes.

07 Nov: We are always looking into the past; literally, and metaphorically.

08 Nov: New stuff happens every day, hour, minute and second. We just don't pay attention to it.

09 Nov: People will say all sorts of stuff. I will do all sorts of stuff. The more they overlap the less free space for me.

10 Nov: It's not always easy to clarify what I want *intellectually*. But part of me knows it always expresses itself.

11 Nov: At the highest level, we all want the same thing.

12 Nov: Scarcity: a fundamental economic concept and driving force for no sharing.

13 Nov: The more I think about something,the more real it seems. The more I try *not* to think about something, the more real it seems.

14 Nov: We are surrounded by people who love us yet we don't always remember this.

15 Nov: Yes they *do* care. Despite what the voice in your head is telling you.

16 Nov: Clarifying feelings from truth takes a lot of discernment and practice.

17 Nov: Does earning money have to be difficult?

18 Nov: There *is* enough for everyone.

19 Nov: Inflexibility leads to breakages.

20 Nov: You can fit more into life than you realise.

21 Nov: One thing at a time increases effectiveness.

22 Nov: Open your eyes, mind and heart and deal with what's in front of you.

23 Nov: If you enjoy your job, there is no space for illness.

24 Nov: Practising helps but we aren't always clear what we practise.

25 Nov: Fear is perfectly natural. The choice is if it stops action.

26 Nov: It's not always clear how to do something when you first conceive it.

27 Nov: You just don't know until you take action.

28 Nov: Wisdom is not automatically earned through age.

29 Nov: Words communicate. Thoughts affect. Feelings influence. Action produces. But Being holds it all.

30 Nov: Does anyone have the answer? Depends on the question.
**Acknowledge the source. Always.

JDS Insights: October 2010

I remember October being tough. And getting older.

First, my birthdays have stopped being a big deal. They pass. I'm always a little surprised by who doesn't remember. The relevant people always remember.

Second, I also re-engaged with something I turned my back on. I'm not sure if I'll regret it in the long-run.

Third, I acquired some new tech. A Kindle. Now I was cynical about it at first. I thought it was an excuse to make money...but technology evolves. I do quite a bit of reading and well...those books take up a lot of space.

Whilst in the US, I got to see what a Kindle was like. The screen blew me away. *Nothing* like a computer screen. It behaved like a book and felt like a book. My book collection is eventually going to be on the Kindle. I'll do a more in-depth post soon.

Finally, it was also a more reflective month. A two-week half-term does that, along with reading Simon Pegg's Autobiography - Nerd Do Well. What a great read...especially on the Kindle! I don't feel like such a weirdo for being really into things - geek chic and all that...

And that was October.**
Oct 01: Friendships last, friendships change, friendships die, friendships fade.

Oct 02: No-one can force you to like something. You either do or you don't.

Oct 03: Choose the things you like carefully. They represent you.

Oct 04: Take on something bigger than you. You will expand to deal with it.

Oct 05: Rise to the challenge and challenges rise with you.

Oct 06: Your worries can be a path to fulfillment if you make them worthwhile.

Oct 07: Your worries can be a path to fulfillment if you choose them.

Oct 08: Clarify your commitments to conjure your creations.

Oct 09: Why worry? It's all made up anyway.

Oct 10: You can't resist aging but you can enjoy it if you want.

Oct 11: Sometimes you just have to go for it and life works itself out.

Oct 12: A pain in the neck can prevent me from looking at things from another angle.

Oct 13: Fuck it, let's do it anyway.

Oct 14: Truth? Make it up as you go along.

Oct 15: Play to the crowd and lose your Self.

Oct 16: Young people are struggling to grow up. Why do us older people make it harder?

Oct 17: Parents know what's good but not always what's best.

Oct 18: Strongly held opinions can stop me from seeing miracles.

Oct 19: If you don't look for it, you'll miss it.

Oct 20: If you missed it, there will be another. Provided you don't give up looking.

Oct 21: In the grand scheme of things does anyone really mess up their life? Everyone does what they do.

Oct 22: When it's time to rest, it's time to get ill.

Oct 23: I can tell someone what to think if I want to. That doesn't mean I will have any effect.

Oct 24: No-one can make you think anything you don't choose to.

Oct 25: Getting people to think is different from preparing for exams.

Oct 26: When I compare myself to others, everyone else seems cooler, more intelligent, more I missing something?

Oct 27: Expectations - a key ingredient to being upset.

Oct 28: Commitment - the main component of getting what you want.

Oct 29: Perhaps you can't choose your family. But you can choose how you are around them.

Oct 30: Life doesn't happen in neat and tidy compartments and conversations. It's messy.

Oct 31: You always know what to do. It's not always easy to take the required action. We see obstacles everywhere.

** I created this. Acknowledge when you quote.