Monday, June 14, 2010

JDS Insights: May 2010

So I've decided to add some commentary before the insights. They sum up what's been running through my head this month and help me make sense of what's going on.

May was all about the General Election* first: hence all the posts about standing for something and politics. After that, a few things happened that got me riled. It might have been politics, it might have been stuff at school, it might have been myself - I can't quite remember which.

Then as the month went on, I've been thinking a lot about my future - my job, what I want from my life, family all that stuff. I think it's because I have a nephew - and I'm kinda jealous of my brother-in-law. I can't wait to be a dad - and doing things 'properly' has always been my M.O.**

Towards the end of the month - well - I'm always struck by how something simple like a shower breaking down or having a wasps nest can make me think about uncovering aspects of myself and my life.

Shame about the weather's inconsistency though.

Take from these insights what you will.***


May 1: Right and wrong: interesting constructs dependent on my viewpoint.

May 2: What I say is right or wrong is a declaration of what I stand for.

May 3: Emptiness: not taking a stand.

May 4: Spineless: taking a stand for something and telling no-one.

May 5: Spiritless: taking a stand for something and constantly changing it.

May 6: Painless: taking someone else's stand.

May 7: Limitless: taking a stand for nothing.

May 8: Politicians lie.

May 9: How can I solve a problem created by thinking in one way, by thinking in the same way?

May 10: Explaining a paradigm shift is easier than causing one deliberately.

May 11: Does leading by example make someone initially appear insane?

May 12: Changing things within a closed system is a challenge. It needs anomalous actions.

May 13: Satire is the best defence against our soundbite, media-driven culture.

May 14: Anger is a fuel. Use it wisely.

May 15: Find your way of expressing anger without hurting yourself or others.

May 16: Understanding the reason you got angry allows you to tame your Devil.

May 17: Unexpressed anger has to go somewhere. Where it goes is your choice-either conscious or unconscious.

May 18: Humans are fallible. But we are also aspirational.

May 19: All thoughts have an effect on the universe.

May 20: Pain is unavoidable. How you react to it is your choice.

May 21: We are prone to acts of incredible nastiness. And also kindness.

May 22: After holding a baby I find it hard to believe that we are 'born bad'.

May 23: We are born to choose. And live with the effects of our choices.

May 24: Stuff happens because it was meant to. It's up to me where I fit in.

May 25: Nothing happens for no reason. It just depends on the extent to which you realise you are responsible.

May 26: Believing in coincidence and luck is a great way to absolve oneself of responsibility.

May 27: You can't mess with natural laws only deal with your consequences.

May 28: It is in our nature to forget our true nature. And then we're forced to make it up as we go along.

May 29: Our living space is just a reflection of our self.

May 30: Shining a light into the darkest corner of my living space is like shining a light into the darkest corners of my mind.

May 31: If I say what I want out of life, the first thing that shows up around me is all the shit that is NOT that.

*Has that faded from our memory already to be replaced by the World Cup?
** Extra marks if someone works out what this stands for. Can't remember where I read it, but I thought it was wonderfully-business-pretentiously-cool.
*** If you like some of these words and you quote me - make sure you state the fucking source. Thank you.