Monday, February 01, 2010

JDS Insights: January 2010

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've started writing daily musings.

This blog is great for outlining, exploring and developing my own ideas and themes in much more depth. For short and sweet stuff, I've been using Twitter but I've always been a fan of writing short and focused stuff. I think it's because of my business placement - my first proper boss was a real inspiration to me and my writing evolved to become quite lean.

Not that I can't be wordy when I want to.

So, I've started writing and collecting my thoughts and presenting them daily. Read and make of them what you will. The ideas are timeless and based on stuff I've read and heard. I've put my own spin on them. The closest word that comes to explaining what these thoughts are, is 'aphorism'.

Here's a summary of January.*/ **

Jan 19: When you forgive someone or someone forgives you, remember to forgive yourself.

Jan 20: Never underestimate your own ability to deal with life.

Jan 21: When you tell the truth magic happens.

Jan 22: I hate my life. If you say so. I love my life. If you say so.

Jan 23: You learn the most about yourself on the edges; when things are going wrong. Just make sure you learn.

Jan 24: The possibility of choice creates the possibility of miracles.

Jan 25: Listening is everything.

Jan 26: Real life is the profound within the mundane; the reverent within the profane, and the joy within the pain.

Jan 27: There is no truth. No right answer. No absolute understanding (at least in this world). All there is, is a constant, engaging search.

Jan 28: One of life's pleasures: sitting with someone you love over breakfast and not having to say anything. Not having to fill the space with rubbish. Just being.

Jan 29: In the moment of owning the consequences of our actions we discover our power.

Jan 30: When something happens, who do you think you are? Small and inadequate or great and powerful?

Jan 31: When there's something left to say, there's unrest. When there's nothing left to say, there's peace.

* This is going to become a regular post. Can you tell?

** If you like some of these words and you quote me - make sure you state the fucking source. Thank you.