Friday, November 13, 2009

...And Justice For Them!

Our Glorious Ally in The War Against Terrorism has struck a mighty blow for good. The Heinous People who committed a crime against the one-true ideal: Democracy are being held to account!

Let the trial of key suspects for the 9/11 Atrocities show the world: We Do Not Tolerate Terrorism.

Let the trial be a symbol of justice.

Let the trial be our foundation for action.

We Will Stand Up.

We Will Fight For What Is Right.

We must Be Prepared. The signals are all around us.

The Time Is Coming to Take Appropriate Action.

Watch This Space.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Be Prepared!

The Menace from the East is coming.

Be on your guard - They can turn up anywhere and in any form. They have infiltrated our peaceful society to spread their Message of Hate from the Axis of Evil. We must Drive Them Out.

How can we even have let Them into our Great Allied Forces? It was only a matter of time before one of Them went on a Killing Spree. The double standards he must have been living! An Army Psychiatrist? Hah! How could we have been so blind as to let Them in? How long will it be before some of our own in the Great British Army suffer the same fate from an Infiltrator?

All the programmes on the television recently are showing us how the Lefty-Liberal is failing. Only the Great British Institution the BBC is showing us the Democratic Way. Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Thought! We must think carefully and prepare ourselves. That's the message the BBC is really sending us.

We must read between the lines.

The Menace from the East is coming.

That nonsense of Lefty-Liberalism on Channel Four is showing us the perils of Multi-Culturalism. That series of programmes a couple of weeks ago must be taken seriously. There were respected scientists saying how Differently Coloured Peoples have different levels of intelligence. FACT!

Those Peoples who complain about 'racism' are unwilling to understand the True Nature of Culture. They must educate themselves about the Great Country that has nurtured and supported them. It's time for them to make sure they recognise that and contribute appropriately.

Give an Inch to the Menace and They Take a Mile. We must not let them erode our Great and Free Country.

We must Be Prepared. The signals are all around us.

The Time Is Coming to Take Appropriate Action.

Watch This Space.

Please Leave Your Mind At The Door



Turn on, tune in, drop dead.

Please leave your mind at the door.