Wednesday, July 26, 2006

School's Out

It's been two weeks since school ended...already...

I've been in a couple of times, and I've got planning to do. I've managed to clear out all my old material (I filled up a whole recycling box!) The planning will come into its own because I start teaching AS Psychology next term - I'm looking forward to it.

My first day back I saw: the deputy head, the head of modern foreign languages, the principal, and the head of senior school...I was having a chat with one of the maintenance staff - it seems we can't leave the place.

However, there was a fun night out a couple of Thursdays ago. Even though I teach in a small school (there are about 30-35 teachers), 10 teachers were retiring/ leaving/ emigrating...high staff turnover? A bad thing? Possibly. Anyway - the night out was fun - it started as it always does...quite innocently with drinks in a bar in Clapham.

There were quite a few people there...the usual suspects...and me (yay I got to be 'trendy' for the evening - despite my best attempts not to be...what with a stupid t-shirt, and silly goatee). Now, I don't know what it was like when I was uni, but because I rarely drink alcohol, I know hardly any drinking games...but this lot - a plethora of games and forfeits were suggested for the escapees (that's those leaving school/ teaching/ the country).

After losing the attempt to down his pint swiftly enough, one guy had to find out the name of the nearest gay bar by asking a random person in the pub...within 2 minutes...which actually wasn't that hard...but one could see the slippery slope into drunkeness calling everyone.

I was actually on orange juice...and after the DJ arrived I was able to demonstrate my prowess. One teacher revealed a hidden side to her - she knows who she is...other teachers just revealed a manner of speaking.

It was weird though - I felt like I was one of the younger ones. I think it's because I don't really socialise with the rest of the staff - even us 'younger' teachers...although the fact I have some grey hairs, and I'm turning 30 this year qualifies me as 'mature' - right?

I got home ok...managed to get a lift...but the pictures and videos from the night are particularly wonderful.

It's true: Schools out for summer.