Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Every Time We Say Goodbye

Well I suppose it had to come to an end...I mean they grow up so fast right?

Alright, so my first proper year 13 offically left last Friday...and I've kept meaning to write something on my blog about them (they have this blog address - but whether they'll be bothered to check it...)

The picture was taken a few weeks ago at their Leavers' Boat Party - all of them suitable inebriated - from left to right: Jason, Adam, Matt, Alex, Ross, Tim and Rob (I think).

It's the first year I taught in year 12, and saw them through their AS levels, right up to their A2 exams...and I have to say - they're a good bunch of guys really. Yes they could do more work - and they know that - but then couldn't we all at that age?

I'm quite proud that I successfully predicted the head boy (Jason) and that I got to influence these guys.

This picture only tells part of the story, as these are only a sample of the boys I taught. This post is an acknowledgement of them all. Their wit in the classroom, their style, the arguments (especially with Tim on the left here), the encouragement, the discussion, and the winding up and poking fun...all will be missed...class of 2006.