Saturday, December 17, 2005

Where is my mind?

Hahaha...I can't remember if I have a title like this already...

Anyway I have been listening to the Pixies-what a song- and the right song for the end of Fight Club...

I think I'm gonna start my blog postings as song titles...

Well I performed at my school concert with the staff rock band...hilarious...and we rocked! Imagine a slightly older Sum 41...taking the piss out of Twisted Sister and Motley Crue...

I think if I had not found my calling as a teacher, a rock star would be my second choice...

So things have been busy at school...that, combined with A-Level coursework and a known difficult character at school allegedly swearing at me... seems that when a lot of things start going well another bunch I am not managing well at priorities seem to be different to other people's.

What makes us different is what makes us beautiful right?


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Engine No. 9


So it's true I love to cram as much as possible into every single moment-'cos I know I am only on this planet for a certain amount of time...

..but I am real busy right now...

Here's a selection:
- year 13 coursework to mark that was supposed to be handed in on Friday
- performing in school concerts on weds and thurs
- practise with my guitar ensemble boys
- singing in the school choir
- setting cover work-a teacher's nightmare
- getting things ready for the Young London Goans' Society Christmas party
- sharing Landmark with people
- cleaning our flat
- spending time with my fiancee
- fixing my wonderful phone
- leading a training day at Landmark

Here's what I haven't done:
- annoy my family with what I'm up to - just sharing with them
- keep inviting my sister over - 'cos she hasn't seen the flat
- create and communicate with my team causing a Goan and Friends Introduction to Landmark
- invite my grandparents over to see the flat
- do some Christmas shopping
- update the HTML on my blog
- go to a heavy metal club and dance
- do my Pilates
-cook some more
- call friends and find out how they are doing
- update the YLGS policies document

The engine keeps on going...