Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Utterly Fearless Sister

That's me and my sister.
Younger but not behind.
Creative but not unhinged.
Older but not darker.
Spiritual but with no more faith.

Empathic but not lost.
Talkative but not domineering.
Annoying but not unreasonable.
Standing firm but not inflexible.

Small but not ignored.
Bright but not dazzling.
Happy but not flighty.
Impulsive but not inconsiderate.

Angry but not unfocused.
Chaotic but not disorganised.
Intuitive but not illogical.
Child-like but not childish.

Truthful but not sugar-coated.
Real but not vicious.
Compassionate but not uncompromising.
Loving but not wordy.

My utterly fearless sister.

This started as a throwaway Facebook status acknowledging my sister on her birthday. I expanded it and wrote it in her card.

My mum read it and said, 'Where did you get this from?' When I told her that I wrote it, she didn't believe me!

I took it as a compliment.