Saturday, January 05, 2013

JDS Insights: October 2012

Holiday...can you tell?

This month I was another year older. My ambivalence towards ageing increases with each year that passes.

But the holiday was a chance to relax and drink in another perspective.

And also forget.

So I did.

Read the block of text below and have a think about what emerges.

Onward to victory...
Oct 01: Being autocratic leads to inflexibility and an inability to deal with life's inherent flexibility. Oct 02: The need to control everything isn't far off being permanently stubborn. Oct 03: Ageing is inevitable. So is attempting to deny it. Oct 04: The more at-home-with I am with where I am, the easier life becomes. Oct 05: Comprehending my numerical age and my sense of my self is the challenge of growing old. Oct 06: My age in years is different from my age in experience. Oct 07: The whole is changed by the sum of its parts. Oct 08: My self is not constrained by my age in years. Oct 09: Chronological age is not consistently linked with maturity, wisdom or knowledge. Oct 10: People want to contribute to me more than I let them or realise. Oct 11: Those I give respect to and listen to know my capabilities better than me. Oct 12: I am always committed to something. Oct 13: I am not always conscious to what I give myself to. Oct 14: It's easier to moan about life than appreciate the good things. Oct 15: Appreciate, participate and grow. Close down, shy away and shrink. Oct 16: Everything can alter, change and shift in a moment. Oct 17: Everything runs its course. Oct 18: Uncertainty and ambiguity is a bigger challenge than finality and inevitability. Oct 19: There's no going back. Why would I want to? Oct 20: Change perspective to allow space for growth. Oct 21: I can absorb any shock to my system as long as I let it out. Oct 22: Enjoying life doesn't have to be difficult. Neither does getting the results. Oct 23: Time away can only rest and refresh with a commitment to resting and refreshment. Oct 24: Doing nothing is more challenging than we initially realise. Oct 25: We all require different levels of stimulation. Oct 26: Inside can be as stimulating as outside. Oct 27: Speaking another language, living in another country or having another culture doesn't obscure the fact we're all human. Oct 28: Some things connect us beyond language. Oct 29: Anything can open your mind. Oct 30: Understand the past, gain awareness in the present then create the future. But know that there are an infinite number of versions of the past. Oct 31: Lie about the past and it makes no difference in the present. The future's made up anyway. Oct 31: There's always a different way to look at things.