Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JDS Insights: Feb 2013

Writing that post in January helped a lot. Perspective shifted again in February with some news that went to my core.

It made me think about how I define myself. What makes me who I am? My actions? My choices? Stuff that happens to me?

The more I thought about it, the more I began to actually experience that life isn't personal - there's no right or wrong with how life carries on - there's only the choices I make in response to what's happening. My view of it is up to me.

I am not my circumstances. My circumstances are just another chance to make a statement to the universe. I'm sure someone somewhere said you really find out about yourself when you're really challenged. Well I am.

But then, maybe I am creating the perfect circumstances to make a statement about myself to universe?

Nah - just over analysis. Get on with it...

Really though, I am glad to have the people in my life who care lots. I am glad I am not an island.

Aside from all that thinking, I went skiing. My last ski trip with school. And I wasn't too bad - improved fitness always helps! In fact I skied with the top group - and kept up. It was still work though: 40 boys on a coach etc. Although one boy managed to bring an illness with him...and infected almost everyone. The result was, I came back really ill. Combined with the interesting events alluded to earlier made for me feeling brain fried for a lot of February.

I think it's reflected in the insights. Cast your gaze over them and see what emerges.*

Thank you to all readers.


Feb 01: Death is the ultimate in reset button. Feb 02: Look back but not for too long. Feb 03: Aiming to please everyone will cause a lifetime of misery. Feb 04: I don't have to accept anything as it is. Depends what I am willing to alter. Feb 05: I don't have to accept what everyone tells me. Feb 06: Acceptance is different from resignation. Feb 07: Everything I wear is a representation of something. Choose consciously. Feb 08: I am what I do... I think... Feb 09: Babies take in everything. Feb 10: Blame is different from responsibility. Feb 11: There is always consistency between our deepest thoughts about reality and results. Feb 12: We create the perfect circumstances to match who we are.  Feb 13: Choice is available in any moment. Feb 14: Always remember feelings come and go like clouds in the sky. Feb 15: Just because the circumstances are difficult doesn't mean I have to be. Feb 16: I actually have a choice about how I respond. Feb 17: My body manifests my internal state. Feb 18: Mind, body and spirit are all one. Different parts take charge and different times. Feb 19: Illness can mean something I have yet to let go of, or come to terms with. Feb 20: The opinions I hold onto the most are the ones I question the least. Feb 21: Nothing is unalterable. Feb 22: Nothing is certain - it's all just probability waiting to happen. Feb 23: I find out more about myself when life is beyond what I initially think I can handle. Feb 24: Nothing that happens is beyond my capacity to create. Feb 25: Nothing that happens is beyond my capacity to control. Feb 26: Masters don't control - they just surrender to life's currents. Resistance is futile. Feb 27: If I feel as if life is smacking me around then it is. Feb 28: Life will always flow - whatever form it takes.
*my words