Monday, January 07, 2013

JDS Insights: November 2012

This month there was death. And it was difficult to deal with. In the way that any death is.

It was also Ten Years of  YLGS. That made me think a lot. How much things have moved on. It's not about the person who starts it - it's more about whether the idea keeps going.

On a nicer note - the Deftones new album came out - and it's excellent. I think the shifting moods and darkness of the album fitted the month. They are in a class of their own.

Notice which words jump out as you read the text below.*

Nov 01: People really are the same - yet different - everywhere. Nov 02: There's much less space between us than we realise. Nov 03: We communicate with more than just words. Nov 04: The past can change according to what we are in the present and what we want for the future. Nov 05: History is only the truth from one person. Nov 06: Commit and some part inside grows bigger. Nov 07: The future hasn't happened yet. Nov 08: Years can pass in the blink of an eye. It all depends where you're looking from. Nov 09: Practise and lay the foundations for something cool. Nov 10: Being open to what life has to offer is the challenge. Nov 11: Make it scary or simple. It's a choice. Nov 12: We always have everything we need wherever we are. Nov 13: What happened months and years ago can feel like yesterday. We are part of something much bigger. Nov 14: Dreams enable deeper understanding and insight. Nov 15: Listen. It'll always help. Nov 16: That voice/ thought/ feeling in my head isn't always me. Occasionally it's divine to listen. Nov 17: "God's" always sending the message. Who's receiving? Nov 18: Start with 'I don't know' and go from there. Nov 19: Small things done regularly build up into big things. Nov 20: Insecurity comes from an unwillingness to acknowledge how I truly feel. Nov 21: Insecurity is kept alive by me thinking my feelings are the truth. Nov 22: Forgiveness creates room in my own head. Nov 23: Death cannot be avoided. Neither can our reactions to it. Nov 24: Death is not always as final as it sounds. Nov 25: Stuff happens. And then I make it out to be horrible, annoying, frustrating, upsetting etc. Nov 26: Feelings are not permanent. They take practise. Then they become routine like any habit. Nov 27: Denying how I feel keeps that feeling alive. Nov 28: Apparently the universe is just a big photocopying machine for what I really, really really feel about something. Nov 29: Communicating something grants it existence and then disappearance. If I keep talking about it, I keep creating it. Nov 30: Nothing leaves a permanent mark unless you let it. Even chewing gum.
*All Mine!