Tuesday, January 08, 2013

JDS Insights: December 2012

And there I was. Looking back and another year passed. It started so optimistically. And ended...well not un-optimistically. Just tired.

Commitment ended. And space began to emerge. No doubt something will fill it.

I also got to experience some live music - on a local level - at a venue I played when I was in a band. It reminded me how much I missed the experience: the sound, the sight and the smell. It also made me realise how much more at home I am in a dodgy venue with loud music compared to a smart bar in London with a thumping bass for company.

In other news...I managed to push the bounds of good taste this month. And offend quite a few people*. Sometimes it's the things you don't say that have a lasting impact. But using one particular word is guaranteed to have an effect.

It made going back to work interesting.

See which phrases below hit you first.**

Dec 01: It's easy for me to ignore what I accomplish and focus on where I fell short. Dec 02: The more I chase something, the harder it is to reach. Because I created it as a chase. Dec 03: Just because someone is no longer with us does not mean they're not around. Dec 04: Nothing has to be difficult. Dec 05: Create something, hand it on and let it take on a life of its own. Dec 06: Owning what I create gives me my sense of myself. Dec 07: Whether people remember that I created something is irrelevant. Dec 08: Nothing has to be difficult. We just make it so. To make life interesting. Dec 09: The true test is if the initial idea is still alive and being acted on - years down the line. Dec 10: My thoughts about something do not consistently match reality. So it's best not to let them guide my actions. Dec 11: Nature will always take it's course. I just don't always like it. Dec 12: Just talking about something doesn't make it happen. Dec 13: We forgot we made it all up. Dec 14: Sometimes all we need to do is let it go. Dec 15: We all have *an* answer. No-one has *the* answer. Dec 16: Do one thing at a time. Dec 17: Life works when, after using something, I put it back in the place I set for it. Dec 18: Not being able to find something is a function of not being present. Dec 19: I can only clear stuff up when I know what messes I have made. Dec 20: It's easier to pretend that I'm perfect than actually tell the truth about my imperfection. Dec 21: Anything can be interpreted as offensive. Dec 22: Learning can happen at any time. Dec 23: Stories have a deeper effect on us than telling the facts. Dec 24: Sometimes that which cannot be articulated is the greatest thing ever. Dec 25: We see after it's happened. Dec 26: Describing something necessarily limits it. Dec 27: We don't need a reason to be happy. It's our choice and action. Dec 28: We don't need a reason to be be anything. It's our choice and action. Dec 29: We create our reasons to be anything. Dec 30: All we do is create. Dec 31: Ageing is inevitable. More awareness and wisdom as we age is not.
*Work colleagues