Monday, July 18, 2011

JDS Insights: May 2011

May...I remember that month.

People moving away...the weather brightening up a little...and me discovering my anger doesn't have to run me...nope - my worry does!

Worrying about all the things I have to get done.

I think everyone worries about this. Aside from being wholly unproductive, the effect is to take us away from the present moment. Which makes us even less able to deal with what we have to get done.

I mean, *everyone* has more to get done than they actually have time for.

Still, in May I read this, did it and it worked. And still works.

It took a bit of thought and tinkering but I've got something that fits with me.

So I worry less. And the present moment is more appealing.

01 May: If it can get worse it will. It all depends on how you think about it.

02 May: Everyone has an opinion about everything. It doesn't always help to express them.

03 May: Unsolicited opinions make no difference.

04 May: Aging and maturity don't happen at the same rate.

05 May: We all get something from complaining otherwise we wouldn't do it.

06 May: We are not as rational as we justify to ourselves that we are.

07 May: A good justification obscures the truth.

08 May: Hiding something is the same as lying about it.

09 May: Deceiving oneself takes a lot of energy.

10 May: Keep digging and it is fascinating what I can discover about myself. But it makes no difference until I share what I notice.

11 May: Everyone has something to contribute to the planet.

12 May: Good ideas kept in one's brain make nothing happen. When shared, all sorts of stuff can happen.

13 May: Navel-gazing is pointless.

14 May: We all know the thing to do that will make the biggest difference to our lives. But why do so few of us do it?

15 May: If I keep doing something I get better at it. Whether it's conscious or unconscious.

16 May: If I keep losing my temper in response to something. Losing my temper will become the way I respond.

17 May: Miscommunication happens because I don't listen.

18 May: There is always another way.

19 May: Think deeply about what's really important and it might surprise.

20 May: It can be very difficult to discern what is worth your time and what isn't.

21 May: Is there anything worth losing your temper for?

22 May: Arguments can be useful if there is a deeper commitment to something much bigger behind it.

23 May: Lying can be easier than telling the truth because in the short-term it takes less energy.

24 May: The planet is the way it is because people don't clear up their broken promises.

25 May: There is only so much information you can process at any one time.

26 May: Is it possible for humanity in its entirety to agree on something?

27 May: The less we can agree the harder it is for us to embrace our humanity.

28 May: Writing down and clarifying what I need to get done empties my head and frees me up to create.

29 May: When commitments are clear, the right tools can make a huge difference to action.

30 May: We behave more like stimulus-response mechanisms than we realise.

31 May: Old habits don't die hard. They just never get replaced with new ones.

*These are all mine.