Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JDS Insights: June 2011


The last few weeks before the end of the year at school are always interesting. Everyone is in the winding-down mode - even though they sometimes give the pretence of not thinking like this.

I had the joys of being invited for Jury Service earlier in the year...I was asked to defer it...and well - June it was.

Jury service is amongst the most interesting activities any citizen can participate in. It sounds cheesy to think of it as one's civic duty but after completing it, I realised how important it is to the implementation of the law in the UK.

Putting aside my opinions on the functioning of a democracy, the application of the process of law was instructive. I actually felt *privileged* to be with some of my fellow Londoners. And I have to say that the group of us were from as wide-ranging a group of people as could have been selected from walking down any street in suburban London.

That was the most interesting part - we were just ordinary people; I'm glad the variety of the jury I sat on reflected the mosaic of peoples I witness every day in a suburb of London.

Aside from that, this month's book was intriguing to say the least - especially given I was sitting on a jury for part of the month. See the link below:

Truly fascinating practical psychological stuff. Really well-written and thoroughly researched. It also gives practical tips on avoiding the everyday weapons of influence employed to effect changes on our behaviour.

We are closer to being stimulus-response mechanisms than we think.

That was June.*

Jun 1: Putting off starting that dream idea? Never mind just remember every day that passes is a step closer to death.

Jun 2: A relationship founded on lies will have a particular future.

Jun 3: There's nothing an open and honest conversation can't resolve.

Jun 4: Hate all you want. Just be aware that it will give you a certain kind of world.

Jun 5: God created life, the universe and everything. Therefore God created the word cunt.

Jun 6: God hides in plain sight. A bit like the Transformers.

Jun 7: I never really know how someone is going to react to me.

Jun 8: We are more insightful than we realise. Too often we just ignore our insights.

Jun 9: Truth creates a space for more to happen than hard work alone.

Jun 10: You can't avoid what you know about yourself. But what you know about yourself isn't always conscious.

Jun 11: We put up with, and can tolerate a lot more shit in our lives than we realise. Easier than using some bleach and a brush.

Jun 12: Does living virtuously make you incredibly interesting or incredibly boring?

Jun 13: I often wonder what has more effect: the teacher's lesson in the classroom, or the teacher's lesson outside the classroom.

Jun 14: Learning happens anywhere and everywhere not just in school.

Jun 15: Does school teach obedience or creativity?

Jun 16: Breathe deeply and enjoy it-you never know what's going to happen tomorrow.

Jun 17: It's the direction that you're looking that affects what you do now so consider what happens if you're always looking back.

Jun 18: The world moves fast: no past, no future, just present.

Jun 19: People know you only from what you show about yourself.

Jun 20: Being concerned about what other people think of you is different from being aware of what others think of you.

Jun 21: Being self-aware allows more freedom to choose.

Jun 22: Put less in and shrink. Put more in and grow. True on so many levels.

Jun 23: Simple pleasures make daily happiness easy.

Jun 24: There's stuff to make us smile anywhere and everywhere.

Jun 25: Intention is the difference between an innocent question and prejudice.

Jun 26: Getting clear about my intentions gets me in touch with what's really going on...even if it's not very nice.

Jun 27: Not wanting to do something you said you would do is human. Actually doing it - despite that - is something greater.

Jun 28: Anything can become truth. It just needs enough people to agree on it.

Jun 29: If you have good news, give it greater life by sharing it.

Jun 30: Keep your truth alive by being consistent with what you think, say and do.

*all my own!