Saturday, July 02, 2011

JDS Insights: April 2011

April was a while ago.

Things were changing...and we were settling in. It was the final push before the exam season at school.

Easter Holidays were the turning point.

I also started to discover stuff about my neighbourhood. Community is important and can exist.

But that was then.
01 Apr: Knowing doesn't make a difference to how I act. Just take the action.

02 Apr: If I'm going to stop doing something I had better make sure I have something to replace it. Otherwise nonsense will fill the space.

03 Apr: You don't change habits. Just create new ones.

04 Apr: I can either be creating the projects in my life or be driven by my demons.

05 Apr: You can't live an interesting life using default settings.

06 Apr: Creation can't happen in a foggy head.

07 Apr: Daily living fills my head with stuff and nonsense.

08 Apr: Empty your head every night and get more done every day.

09 Apr: You can only fill up an open box.

10 Apr: There is actually always enough time in a day.

11 Apr: It's not the size of the house but the size of the welcome.

12 Apr: People love to be told what to think, do and say.

13 Apr: I am the source.

14 Apr: We are always creating our next experience - whether we like it or not, whether it's conscious or not.

15 Apr: Life has no morality. That's a human construction. Life just is.

16 Apr: There is beauty in everyone. Yet some people choose to hide theirs.

17 Apr: Without ugliness there is no beauty. But ugliness and beauty are both opinion.

18 Apr: Ugliness and beauty depend on which way you look at it. Like everything in life.

19 Apr: There is nothing wrong with properly expressed anger.

20 Apr: Deny your expression of an emotion and deny your self.

21 Apr: You always know the truth.

22 Apr: There is a difference between living and surviving.

23 Apr: We are all going to die. But the need to he right about what happens (or doesn't happen) next is wasted energy.

24 Apr: Live your own truth - not some half-baked version based on what someone else tells you.

25 Apr: Religion: how to avoid: i) thinking for yourself and ii) being responsible for making judgements based on your own experience.

26 Apr: Lift your head above your own petty existence, to discover that everyone has their heads buried in their petty existence.

27 Apr: Enlightenment: embracing your own petty existence whilst remembering the possibility of something bigger.

28 Apr: You can't look to the past and the future at the same time. Choose one as a guide.

29 Apr: The only time I can do anything about anything is right now.

30 Apr: Everyone has something to contribute.
These are all from me.