Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JDS Insights: March 2011

OK we are in to the second quarter of 2011 and I *still* haven't let go of 2010 yet...the post is still being planned.

Pretty much events of March have been momentous. I mean it's not every day one moves house. I think that's the big thing about March. A whole new space, a whole new set of problems and whole new side to my learning.

This month was also a reflection of the stress that changing one's living arrangements puts on a person. I found myself thinking, acting and reacting in ways that I don't normally.

That and a reminder from someone close to me - 'you can't control everything'.

Shame about that.

March also saw a contribution to my community in an interesting way. Speaking about things that *never* normally get spoken about. 'Filling In the Cracks' was by all accounts a success.

No pressure then.

That was March.

01 Mar: Discover, develop and embrace what you're great at.

02 Mar: Sometimes life happens all at once. That's when you know you're growing.

03 Mar: Eloquence is saying what there is to say with as few words as is necessary.

04 Mar: It's not all black and white, just shades of grey.

05 Mar: Stuff is easy to accumulate but harder to offload.

06 Mar: It had to start somewhere. Someone started the ball rolling. Who was it?

07 Mar: Is it cause then effect? Or just effect then effect?

08 Mar: We are all human regardless of what's on the outside.

09 Mar: We are more like our parents than we realise. But we still have the capacity to change what happens next.

10 Mar: You can only change the rules of the game if you play by them first.

11 Mar: Breaking the rules means you have to acknowledge you're playing a game. (If you're playing a game that means it has rules.)

12 Mar: Some say it's all a game anyway. Others say it's more important than that. Which means they don't play very much.

13 Mar: Your life doesn't depend on anything. It just is.

14 Mar: It always works out just the way *someone* intended.

15 Mar: Knowing when to walk away can make *all* the difference.

16 Mar: Our deeper intentions give rise to more of our lives than we know. Question is - what are our deeper intentions?

17 Mar: Why is it easier to follow than lead? Oh yeah no thinking, commitment, creativity or risk required!

18 Mar: Nothing new ever got created without someone taking a risk.

19 Mar: Impatience is not a virtue.

20 Mar: When you absolutely need to you can punch harder and run faster than you think.

21 Mar: Sometimes I behave *just* like my dad. Sometimes I *really* don't. The point is I do have a choice.

22 Mar: Forgive your mistakes and clean up your mess. That's competence.

23 Mar: Forgive others' mistakes and clean up others' mess. That's mastery.

24 Mar: Have patience with yourself. Everyone else does.

25 Mar: Somehow something being inevitable sounds different to something being certain.

26 Mar: Nothing has to be inevitable. Try saying it with the emphasis on the word 'nothing'; then on 'has'; then on 'inevitable'. Now choose.

27 Mar: I waste time.

28 Mar: Learning doesn't have to be difficult but the best learning is challenging.

29 Mar: There is no *particular* way that teaching in class should look. But people expect it to be *their* way.

30 Mar: Unless you measure it, you have no idea if you're making progress.

31 Mar: I *know* I can choose how I react to something but I don't always *act* like it.
I am the source.