Monday, March 14, 2011

JDS Insights: January 2011

Time definitely flies when you're having fun.

We're now almost a quarter of the way through the year...and I haven't even picked my themes for this year and reviewed last year! Ah's in the works.

Back to January...and it was a month of recovery and action.

I've been engaged in something I had turned my back on. Contribution and community isn't always something that people think is important or even something that we can provide. Leadership too - it seems as if people are born with it rather than something that anyone can be.

It was also a month of new starts - which is something that always happens in January - and this year is no exception. Little things like a phone call can make a big difference - and it's keeping it going that helps a lot. That and dealing with all the little things that go with changing your living space...there are a lot!

Enjoy the thoughts from January...*

01 Jan: Could people behave *every day* as if it was New Year's Eve? Or would that diminish the power and mystique of that night?

02 Jan: Most of what passes through my head, forwards nothing. But it still came from me.

03 Jan: Discerning what's useful from what's useless is half the battle.

04 Jan: Don't kid yourself: mostly the internal voice chats shit. But it's still part of you.

05 Jan: Listening to *everything* I say to myself, gives me a full understanding of myself. Anything less is incomplete.

06 Jan: If every day is exactly the same, where is the creation?

07 Jan: I don't know - make something up.

08 Jan: Everyone makes it up as they go along. Or they're good at pretending they're not.

09 Jan: Choosing to let go of one thing opens up choices for something else.

10 Jan: Revealing ignorance - and dealing with it - is better than pretending you know.

11 Jan: Knowing something that could contribute - and holding back - isolates self and pushes humanity apart.

12 Jan: Saying what there is to say, shrinks my dark side.

13 Jan: Use your head and trust your instincts because logically your feelings will guide you. Got that?

14 Jan: Tough challenge: Be Yourself.

15 Jan: To be yourself, you have to know yourself; which needs self-awareness; which in turn, needs you to shut up and listen.

16 Jan: Express yourself.

17 Jan: Everyone knows what there is to do; whether you do it is a different matter.

18 Jan: Just because you make a New Year's Resolution does not mean you will fulfil your dream.

19 Jan: A little every day is usually better than a lot once or twice a month.

20 Jan: Deflecting genuine compliments you receive is like slapping yourself in the face and then slapping them.

21 Jan: Say "Thank-you" and mean it.

22 Jan: Heartfelt thanks acknowledges the spirit in everyone involved.

23 Jan: Blink and a year can pass. Make the most of each moment.

24 Jan: Knowing the reason behind doing something is more important than all the doing.

25 Jan: Never underestimate the positive effects of little thoughts that show you care for the people you love.

26 Jan: Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body. But how do you exercise the soul?

27 Jan: Consider that your opinion of someone else doesn't match their opinion of you. If that's true, now what?

28 Jan: Nothing is real until you take action.

29 Jan: People want to be inspired. Anyone can do the inspiring.

30 Jan: A risk is an action with an uncertain outcome. But we are afraid of risk. Does that mean most of us have lives of certainty?

31 Jan: Creating inspiration is a natural thing to do. I don't always behave naturally.
*If you find what I've written interesting, please acknowledge the source. Thanks!