Monday, March 14, 2011

JDS Insights: February 2011

I've done it again...two posts in one's because I'm on a roll and expecting a lot of people to be checking my blog...hahahahaha! I'll be posting more on the reasons for that...

Well February...such a lot happened. Organising. Negotiating. Discussing. Inspiring. Creating. Travelling. Skiing.

Things like: organising a home-move, whilst negotiating with estate agents and discussing boys' learning at parents' evening including inspiring (Goan) community leaders and members in creating an event and travelling to Austria with 42 boys on a skiing trip...

It meant I was quite tired. And the daily insights dried up on Twitter...for a while...

Within that there has been some really good news...people finding jobs that really express who they are (and knowing that I had my part to play) and others stepping forward to contribute to an event I put together as well as confirming our change/ growth in living space.

This month's insights reflect the slightly frenetic pace of life but also the sense of 'going for it' and 'creation' that's happened.

Thank-you to all the special people around me. They know who they are.

This was February*
01 Feb: There is always something to learn about the people we think we know the best.

02 Feb: Family don't know everything about you. Friends don't know everything about you. You don't know everything about you.

03 Feb: Sometimes I think I know so much what's best for the people I love, I miss what they're actually saying.

04 Feb: There *is* enough time for everything you want. Just be clear about what you want.

05 Feb: You don't know the reason for something as it happens. You only realise after time and reflection.

06 Feb: When you're ready and aware it will happen.

07 Feb: Getting stuck on a particular outcome can close down the opportunity for it to come to you in a number of ways.

08 Feb: Doing nothing opens nothing to happen. Being nothing opens everything to happen.

09 Feb: Life happens to me but having some direction means I can make life happen too.

10 Feb: You never know how someone is going to respond until you ask a straight question.

11 Feb: Unless you ask a straight question you won't get a straight answer.

12 Feb: When someone answers your question, *listen* to what they say.

13 Feb: Young people are in the process of growing up. Sometimes they genuinely don't have a clue.

14 Feb: In life, expand or contract.

15 Feb: Life is ups and downs. If I am down-I know what's coming next. Equally if I am up-I know what's coming next.

16 Feb: We only have limited time in this world.

17 Feb: It starts with who I am being and ends up with reality.

18 Feb: If I am being loving I will do the things loving people do and have the things loving people have. Imagine being angry?

19 Feb: Being scared can mean I am out of my comfort zone and I am alive.

20 Feb: Nothing has to stop me if I don't want it to.

21 Feb: Sometimes things are loud for a reason.

22 Feb: If someone repeats themselves to me perhaps I didn't get it the first time.

24 Feb: If the same stuff keeps happening to me, what is life telling me?

25 Feb: I can handle more than I think.

26 Feb: Most people have no clue what they *really* want.

27 Feb: It's only when you stick your neck out for something that you realise what you're truly capable of.

28 Feb: We all have the capacity to create something that lives and breathes outside us. Metaphorically and literally.
*Quote the source.