Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JDS Insights: September 2010

I've got some time on my hands. Can you tell? I'm relaxing by updating my blog again!

September was back to school month. A whole new year and my career felt like it had been kick-started. Well only because I started to push and take on the things I wanted to.

Sometimes it's not just about job satisfaction though. Money and official announcements to others are appropriate recognition too. If people know that I'm accountable for something in my job, and I have the agreement from my managers, then it's much easier to get the job done. Of course, if people don't know and I don't have the agreement from my managers - the job is tough.

My career is down to me; I wrote and agreed my own job description. This is not unusual for me - my career path hasn't been conventional. I've always seemed to be creating my own roles and contributing in my own way to the organisation I'm a part of. I like doing that. It's free rein. It's actually being entrepreneurial within an institution - an intrapreneur.*

Apart from teaching, being a husband, brother and son presented their own challenges.

And one of my old friends got married. Which reminded me of old conversations and how it's normal to have ups and downs within a relationship.

I also started something new - Urban Krav Maga. I've always been aware of my physicality (i.e. I'm a short-arse) but never really considered learning any basic self-defence before. Whilst I have improved my fitness over the past couple of years, I've noticed I've needed to push myself a little. A moshpit is great for me to release aggression but using it effectively is a new path. I heard about it from a friend of Circusboy1 called ThefellaThefella is mental. In a good way. And wildly talented.

The Urban Krav Maga is tough: back aching, neck paining and knuckle grazing. No pain, no gain I guess. At least I'll punch less like a fucking cunt. I hope.

I enjoy being alive (mostly).

And that was September...**


Sep 01: When I walk away from something I haven't finished, part of me stays with it.

Sep 02: If something isn't finished, or isn't going to get finished, say so.

Sep 03: We put so much in the way of loving the people close to us. 

Sep 04: What I think about something is different to reality. Trouble is I spend a lot of time in my head.

Sep 05: If you're committed to something, do what needs to be done. Thinking isn't getting it any closer.

Sep 06: Children learn from their Parents. Parents learn from their children.

Sep 07: Isn't there a time/ space between something happening and our senses perceiving it?

Sep 08: Being nice to people doesn't have to be difficult.

Sep 09: Money is the means not the end. The end is when we're dead.

Sep 10: In case you hadn't noticed - the future hasn't happened yet.

Sep 11: When reality is more interesting than the contents of my head, there is no need for drugs. And vice versa of course.

Sep 12: Everyone does their best in life with the tools they have. Seems that few people take the time to improve the tools.

Sep 13: There's nothing wrong with having nothing to say.

Sep 14: If I am committed to something and I ache, keeping going will make the pain stop.

Sep 15: Being unsure of direction means no progress.

Sep 16: It's ok to struggle.

Sep 17: Knowing when to stop and when to keep going is most of the battle.

Sep 18: Give up if you want. Just examine the consequences of your choice.

Sep 19: The more deeply you love someone, the deeper your capacity to cause them pain.

Sep 20: The more truth of yourself you reveal, the riskier life becomes. But greater is the ultimate fulfilment.

Sep 21: Your dreams never disappear they just get buried waiting to be rediscovered at the opportune moment.

Sep 22: Sometimes the people you love the most can be the scariest people in your life. They know *everything*.

Sep 23: Regardless of how they behave, the people you love the most are always helping you grow.

Sep 24: Don't try and hide anything from your siblings. They just *know*.

Sep 25: Your partner understands you in ways your family can't and won't.

Sep 26: The people who love you need to hear the great stuff that's happening in your life too.

Sep 27: You are stronger than you realise: physically and emotionally.

Sep 28: Sleep fast, live fully.

Sep 29: There are no right opinions - good, bad, cool, uncool - all a matter of opinion.

Sep 30: Friendship depends on our ability to pick up where we left off. Time and distance become irrelevant.

*Yes it is an actual word!

** These words are all mine. I created them. Acknowledge when you quote.