Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JDS Insights: August 2010

Better late than never!

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that my insights haven't dried up...just my posting to my blog.

August was a month of Sun and Family. Whilst I was enjoying the time off, I was coasting - spending money, finally getting round to finishing reading Frankenstein...and also - spending time at work.

The reason for being at work was because I knew I was going away at the end of August...which was kind of annoying because it meant I had no time before I would be back at school. There was no way I was going back into a new term without having done a LOAD of planning.

To that end, I would go into work in the morning and do something else in the afternoon...it worked well.

As for going away...well it was a family affair...a couple of weddings in August and all that I think about is the fraught, fun and frolics of the family.

That was August.*


Aug 1: You can't really know someone unless you take time to listen for what they're passionate about.

Aug 2: Sometimes people don't realise their passions, talents and strengths. Yet its the source of happiness.

Aug 3: A to-do list is never complete. But it helps focus the mind and clear the head.

Aug 4: If you complete everything on your to-do list, your to-do list isn't complete.

Aug 5: There are some things on a to-do list that never get completed. They're too big. But they're always worth going for.

Aug 6: Aspiring to something big makes the journey worthwhile not the destination.

Aug 7: The sheer volume of crap I produce never ceases amazes me.

Aug 8: I will always forget just how selfish I can be and need constant reminding.

Aug 9: It's always worth considering that people close to me know my blind spots and that I don't.

Aug 10: If you can receive, it opens up space for more giving.

Aug 11: I can't protect myself from everything. Life is inherently risky.

Aug 12: Listen carefully between the lines. Sometimes what's not being said is as important as what is.

Aug 13: Trying to please everyone and get everyone to like me is no way to live life. What do I really want?

Aug 14: Too much analysis kills action.

Aug 15: I can't think of everything before acting. Sometimes I just have to act.

Aug 16: Here's a useful question: what am I great at? We don't ask ourselves that often enough.

Aug 17: Listen deeply to others. Choose and act for yourself.

Aug 18: A routine will develop habits. This can be done consciously or unconsciously.

Aug 19: Master your routine. Don't let it master you.

Aug 20: Life is more than just a bunch of routines. We are not computer programs.

Aug 21: Do we write the program of our life? Or are we letting someone else do it?

Aug 22: Stimulus/ response. Life is all about following stimuli.

Aug 23: If I go back far enough, is God the First Stimulus?

Aug 24: We go to the toilet to get rid of accumulated physical waste. How do we get rid of accumulated emotional waste?

Aug 25: Families come in all shapes and sizes, arguments and compromises.

Aug 26: What's happened to my parents doesn't have to happen to me.

Aug 27: All families have issues. I am not alone.

Aug 28: All families are different yet all are the same.

Aug 29: You can discover more about yourself in your first conversation with a stranger than you realise.

Aug 30: Urban living can disconnect us from each other. People are people in all places.

Aug 31: I'm not sure I ever really own anything.

*Quote me liberally. Just say it was me.