Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JDS Insights: April 2010

Here's April.*

Apr 1: Without black and white, life would have no contrast, no grey areas and no choice.

Apr 2: When I stop speaking and giving importance to my negative bullshit, all sorts of more interesting things happen.

Apr 3: Thoughts are light-switches on the darkness of depression and the lightness of happiness. I can flick the switch.

Apr 4: I only realise how dirty my flat is once I start to clean it up. Much like my life.

Apr 5: A regular weekly clean keeps my flat better than doing it when I notice it's dirty. There's a life lesson here somewhere...

Apr 6: Once the flat is in a clean state, there's only one state its returning to...another life lesson hiding here too.

Apr 7: You don't ever get everything 'clean' in life, it's just messy, clean, messy,clean, messy, clean, dead.

Apr 8: Clean for the sake of it is pointless. Clean so things work and get done has a purpose.

Apr 9: Is cleanliness Godliness or just OCD?

Apr 10: A heartfelt smile can change everything. Shame it seems that so many can't feel their hearts.

Apr 11: If things work-yay. If they don't-just sort them out. Not. Rocket. Science.

Apr 12: Humans complicate everything and slow stuff down. The rest of nature just gets on with living.

Apr 13: Forget what you think or feel. Create your path by saying something then doing it.

Apr 14: Following what you think or feel is like being moved around by the weather.

Apr 15: Saying something then doing it is real trail-blazing.

Apr 16: Mistakes are inevitable and necessary. Learning from them is the important thing.

Apr 17: Even if you live by your word, you will break it. Learning to clear it up is the part that gets forgotten.

Apr 18: It doesn't matter how big the lie is-they're really effective for creating mess and chaos.

Apr 19: My perception is my perception. My opinion is my opinion. My truth is my truth. My reality is my reality.

Apr 20: Everyone has an opinion about everyone else's circumstances. Forcing it on someone else is when the trouble starts.

Apr 21: Who am I to pass comment on someone else's life without being asked? Oh yeah someone with hot air.

Apr 22: If you pretend you know nothing about the other person they suddenly become more interesting.

Apr 23: Ask yourself: what would the devil do? Then realise you have a choice.

Apr 24: I can get to the heart of what's going on with someone I love pretty quickly...if I shut up.

Apr 25: If I think I know what's going on with someone else - does that mean they'll know what's going on with me?

Apr 26: You make up the reason why stuff happens to you as it actually happens. Then you learn your limitations.

Apr 27: That voice in my head can get really tiring. Always so negative.

Apr 28: Sometimes it's good to be alive. Sometimes it isn't. Which is it going to be today?

Apr 29: Each choice I make is a statement of who I am.

Apr 30: Thinking and acting for oneself: to be regarded as slightly strange by everyone else.

* If you like some of these words and you quote me - make sure you state the fucking source. Thank you.