Tuesday, March 02, 2010

JDS Insights: February 2010

Here's a summary of February.*

Feb 1: If my life is a mess and it's down to others I am a victim. If my life is a mess and it's down to me I am powerful.

Feb 2: Real life is real mess.

Feb 3: In the cracks of the mundane hides the profound.

Feb 4: What will you listen to today: fear or love?

Feb 5: The blood, sweat and tears of life is where things happen. Not in endless consideration about what to do.

Feb 6: Not 'know your enemy' but 'love your enemy'.

Feb 7: Love the drama. Enjoy the drama. But never forget you created the drama.

Feb 8: Anything can (and does) happen.

Feb 9: Life will continue after I die.

Feb 10: If it was 'all good' all the time life would be so boring.

Feb 11: Two ears, one mouth. Shut up.

Feb 12: Breathe in. Breathe out. And love.

Feb 13: Those moments when time is standing still because you're so 'in the zone' are God screaming at you what your life is about.

Feb 14: Now is where it all happens.

Feb 15: In life no-one can hear God scream.

Feb 16: When you are so engrossed in something time disappears-that's when you hear the heartbeat of the universe.

Feb 17: Listen in the gaps between words for the truth.

Feb 18: Always overestimate your inability to deal with truth.

Feb 19: Know fear. Know love. Know your true self.

Feb 20: What you say creates your world.

Feb 21: Know good. Know evil. Practise choice.

Feb 22: Do good. Do evil. Know the difference.

Feb 23: Is it called the 'afterlife' or 'what happens after death?'

Feb 24: In my life what I say, goes. I can either be aware of what I say and create or be blissfully ignorant and call it luck.

Feb 25: Is life a lesson? A creation? Or a lesson in creation?

Feb 26: Breathe deeply. Live slowly. Die old looking back on a full life.

Feb 27: Always overestimate your inability to listen to God.

Feb 28: Truth, authentically lived has a beauty and power all its own.

* If you like some of these words and you quote me - make sure you state the fucking source. Thank you.