Thursday, October 22, 2009

Iran 2

Facilities have been discovered in Iran for enriching uranium and plutonium.

Iran: that undemocratic country; that economically protectionist country; that shelter for terrorists - it must be brought to heel.

What's the West going to do to deal with this potential threat to global stability?

Is there going to be a Pre-emptive Interventionist Strategic Strike (PISS) leading to an end to The War Against Terror (TWAT) by Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) with the United States (US) leading the way?

The top four global oil producers are: Saudi-Arabia (tick), Iraq (in-progress, but basically, tick), Kuwait (tick), and Iran (hmm...needs work).

Starting a war increases a country's Gross Domestic Product. Manufacturing and selling weapons contributes to the economy of a country. We have a way out of the recession! Joy!

What are we being prepared for by the mass-media?

I had some similar musings earlier in the year in a related post: Iran.