Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sometimes the news just seems to ram a particular story down one's throat.

Perhaps I only see what I want to see...

...or 'they' want me to see what 'they' see...

The situation in Iran provides a contrast to the recent operation of democracy during the European Elections here.

I just thought I'd pose some questions/ ideas/ issues I'd been thinking about...

Over there, they had two major candidates. One had huge popular support, and was the challenger. The incumbent was being openly disagreed with. There were rallies in football stadia. Peaceful protests everywhere. Democracy was working. Something like 85% of the electorate voted. Even Iranian citizens in the US cast their vote. (More than double the percentage in our (so-called) democratic country).

Iran: a beacon for democracy. A shining example of how a country can be liberated from the shackles of Sharia law. Right?

So guess who won?

The people taking to the streets to express their disgust at the result is different from what might happen here. The media present us an image of Iran as a country of violence and fear.

Iran: a beacon for potential terrorists. A shining example of how a country can rally others against the United States. A country ripe for destabilisation by Economic Hitmen.

A country that is becoming so destabilised it requires some kind of intervention from the world.


Let's see how the media presents Iran in the coming weeks/ months...

Let's also see if someone sets up a Facebook group calling for democracy in Iran...oops Twitter got there first...with a 'Show Support for Iran Election' link.