Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Journey

I had to write about them really.

The main reason is that their journey has been my journey too.

I remember when I first started teaching. The lessons I prepared. The lessons that were observed. The mistakes I made. The inappropriate things I said. The inexperienced approach. The struggles. The trials.

So it was for them too.

They were in Year 9. I was a naive 27-year-old. Teaching was new to me. Being a teenager was new to them.

And now they are men...of sorts anyway!

This is why I'm going to miss this particular year in a different way to all the others: the observation and experience of their progression. For example, there is one boy I taught for five consecutive years from Key Stage 3 Geography to GCSE Business to A-Level Business.

There is something incredibly satisfying about contributing to someone's progress in this way. It's the reason (that gets forgotten all too quickly) why I became a teacher.

They should also know that they contributed to me in their way too.

For this I am truly grateful.

I like to think they'll remember me too.

Actually - not so much remember me, as remember something I taught them.

May they go on to live their lives as they want and make cool things happen.