Friday, April 17, 2009

One Hundred Push Ups-Update 4

Hah - it's only been nearly four months since my last update...

I still haven't broken the elusive 100 press-ups mark yet. I was repeating week 4...I'm now repeating week 5. I've got close to completing the last day, but not quite. Something seems to get in the way of my progress: I get ill; a ski trip; I don't eat well...some excuse for not maintaining a regular regime.

I'm not going to give up though!

Also - a friend of mine mentioned that I should think about doing crunches as well as sit-ups to maintain and improve my core. I might have toned legs, more toned arms and shoulders, but my love handles (albeit much smaller than they were) aren't going anywhere.

The Force is clearly with me, because a complementary workout appeared on the One-Hundred Push-Ups website...called Two-Hundred Sit-Ups!

Sigh...perhaps I've become an obsessive as someone close to me has said. Or perhaps after my weight-loss I just want to become 'hench' as one of my colleagues has said.

I don't think it is...maybe part of me is a little worried about going back to what I was...but I think it's more that I'd like to be able to keep doing everyday things things like: be fit enough to play a football match against the school leavers; touch my toes; dance for hours and not feel like shit the next day or be able to run up the escalators at Waterloo and not die of exhaustion at the top...

I've kept a list of the little stupid things I want to be able to do. It did all start with wanting to be able to touch my toes...and it's progressed from there to being able to do the one-legged squat on both sides (I proudly demonstrated this on the school ski-trip in front of all the boys).

My current little things are:
- being able to do 100 consecutive press-ups
- doing 200 consecutive crunches
- doing the dance move where I hold my left foot in my right hand, and jump through with my right cool would that be? Especially as I have ridiculously short legs...
- standing on my head (remember my dad doing this when I was younger - I reckon he still can)

Maybe all of these things will come together in being able to breakdance properly...but I'm not sure.

So as I said - with the press-ups I'm still languishing with week 5 of 6 as I have been for months now.

But - there is a silver lining. I made quick progress on the two-hundred crunches...and managed my first two-hundred yesterday morning. The creator of the site is going to add my name to the list...

It's the journey not the arrival right?