Friday, December 05, 2008

One Hundred Push Ups-Update

OK OK OK! So it's been ages since I've posted yeah yeah I know.

So here's an update on the whole push-ups, press-ups whatever-you-wanna-call it.

On the last update, well I had to repeat week I did...except I got ill I actually had to have a day off work (how ridiculous!) I finished week four...and did the test at the end of the week...but barely managed 30. It was because I left two days before doing the end of week test.

Grr...I was getting annoyed with myself and lack of progress.

So I did week four again (for the third time).

This time, I managed it, along with 32 consecutive push-ups to move to week five.


At this point I was thinking - ok - I'm into week 5 - how on earth can I get to 100 press-ups consecutively, when I can just about to 32 consecutively?

I began to see it was possible when I saw week five...oh my God!

In the meantime, at school I've mentioned this to a few people, including pupils. Some of the guys in the sixth form have started taking it on. One is progressing quite well! In a chat about this workout with some pupils who study P.E. I realised I'd been breathing wrong.

All the workout stuff I've done says that you need to breathe out when exerting, and breathe in for the next repetition. Kinda obvious, but takes some focus. For the press-ups I'd been doing it the wrong way round - breathing out going down, and in going up.

As soon I changed the breathing, doing press-ups got a lot easier, and I've now managed to complete day one and day two of week five...