Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tire Me

[Tirade of the tired]

I am tired.

Tired of madness,
Tired of sadness,
Tired of looking good,
And looking bad.

Tired of wanting,
Tired of wilting,
Tired of feeling like I ought to do something.

Tired of feeling,
Tired of feeling - like the world is against me/you/ us/ them/ humanity.
Tired of debating the existence of God.

Tired of badness, and evil.
Tired of goodness, and truth.
Tired of being right, making wrong, dominating, justifying
Tired of loving, relating, accepting, and compromising.

Tired of avoiding,
Tired of confronting,
Tired of smiling,
Tired of frowning.

Tired of pretentiousness and overwrought self-pity,
Tired of blandness and fake generosity,
Tired of arrogance, righteousness, and chronic fatigue.

Tired of claiming the truth.

Tired of leading,
Tired of creating,
Tired of inspiring,
Tired of praising.

I am tired of dying
one moment at a time.

Get busy living.

Then it ends.


This post was brought to you by Rage Against the Machine They have a song called Tire Me on Evil Empire - check it out.

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