Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Version of the Truth

Year Zero. New NIN album.

It's good. It's urgent. It has a definite theme and structure to it.

It's also going to take more than one listen to get into. Sometimes the best albums do - 'OK Computer' by Radiohead took me a bit of time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I keep using NIN titles for my posts...but this one got me thinking (it's a track off the new album).

I've also watched the 'Loose Change' documentary. Perhaps I am becoming paranoid...perhaps I am just questioning appropriately. But I have always had a healthy distrust of the mass media. Reading 'Manufacturing Consent' by Noam Chomsky brought it out in me. Can I always believe everything I read?

The good historian in me tells me I can draw conclusions based on evidence.

Interesting thing is that in our educational system, a limited number of sources are given to our children for them to reach the 'right' judgements. Surely the best way of teaching history is to give ALL the evidence to children, and let them draw their own conclusions? Do we really need to teach children 'analysis' and 'judgement' skills?

I watched Loose Change and drew some conclusions based on the evidence presented.

I also watched some stuff about a company called Steorn. They claim to have invented a perpetual motion machine. Free energy. Violating the laws of thermodynamics. That's a very big deal. Interestingly, one of the executives of Steorn says the levels of outrage the company has received about their inventions was similar to religious fundamentalism and dogma. And that's after approaching over 100 universities about their findings; only a handful were interested!

I did think about a kind of 'science fundamentalism' - I suppose it's just a willingness, want or need to be 'right' in all circumstances. I rememember hearing about Copernicus being thrown into jail for suggesting the earth revolved around the sun. Is it always the way with anything revolutionary? Humanity cannot accept it.

Currently the technology is being tested independently after Steorn took out a one-page advert issuing a 'slap in the face' to science. Results are due to be published by the end of the year.

I might buy shares in Steorn.

I have also learned from an experience in 1998 that I want to be right more than anything in the world. I think it's a human being thing. Wanting to be right costs me all sorts of things; I just don't always think in those terms. When I do, it's illuminating to say the least, because I am then presented with a choice. Continue with the current course of action, or create something else.

Am I accepting another version of the truth? [Not to be too obscure/ geeky - follow this link, then click and drag. It's part of the whole Year Zero package. Cover art for Year Zero is also awesome].


PS Watch Loose Change, An Inconvenient Truth and find out about Steorn...if you choose.


PPSS Respect to shadow falcon's blog - there's a post along a similar theme there - and I got the pic from that blog