Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Fragile

So things happen.

Things happen that make me think about everything. Things happen that cause me to question everything. People tell me stuff. People who care about me tell me what they think.

I listen. I choose. I act.

Listening is not something I always find easy. But then walking my own path is not something I always find easy. Someone said to me recently: "reaching and striving for the best. Can't ask for more than that."

Do some people ask for more than that?

Trusting my instincts is something that (usually) comes naturally to me. But when I'm in a position of questioning my instincts, it's something I find more than a little unsettling.

It puts one in a fragile place.

There's a general theme ... of systems failing and things sort of falling apart...like there was something inherently flawed in the situation, like someone struggling to put the pieces together. A Downward Spiral peels off layers and arrives at a naked, ugly end. This...starts at the end, then attempts to create order from chaos, but never reaches the goal. It's probably...bleaker...because it arrives back where it starts - the same emotion.
T. Reznor adapted by J.

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