Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here comes the Sun

The title of this post not only reflects the weather, but my state of mind too.

Perhaps it's because of the weather that I'm feeling better? I don't have S.easonal A.ffective D.isorder do I?

Anyway...I have seen a few things about myself. I pretend I'm committed to my family, but actually I'm annoyed with some members. Impact on me is that I'm upset, and I'm nice...and I don't say what I really think like "stop the nonsense and sort it out like adults" - I'm afraid of world war three erupting. It's killer on me. I just get irritated, don't listen and end up taking it out on others.

I'm creating being peaceful and generous.

Also, going back to school was kinda hard - only a few weeks to exams and I'm getting boys inspired. Well I really felt that my year 11 get how much I'm standing for them doing well in their GCSEs. Behind all the macho bluster a lot of it is a call for attention or help.

It's not always easy to avoid cynicism.

Teenage boys...


This post was brought to you by George Harrison