Thursday, February 23, 2006

Refuse/ Resist

I get angry more than I give myself credit for.

I'm also a master of making myself wrong and getting upset...ahh...the joys of being human.

The people closest to me bear the brunt of my nonsense...a simple miscommunication here, and a slightly raised voice there, and all hell breaks loose around me (well that's an exaggeration, but at the time it felt like that).

I surprise myself and the invective that spews forth from my mouth.

And yet I come back to something I learned nearly eight years ago - what I resist persists...the more I try and change something, the more things stay the same. Say anything about Landmark with my family?

You must be joking.

Same shit different day right?

The lyric that's particularly inspiring me at the moment is from an old classic metal song by a wonderful (Brazilian) band called Sepultura. Their song title is used for this post (btw - all my previous few posts have been song titles - has anyone noticed?) but the particular lyric is:
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy

That's kind of how I'm feeling at the moment...