Friday, February 10, 2006

More Human Than Human

There is nothing like sex to demonstrate how human we are...I mean it's such a natural thing, but we're so 'weird' about that I mean that it's the thing that we all know about, we all think about, and we all lie about... I mean I know I've lied a lot about it.

Maybe it's my upbringing.

My parents never really mentioned it, and I seem to remember my dad saying that he felt school would take care of it.

Well I suppose school takes care of all the mechanics of it, but as for understanding the experience...well from what I've seen in the educational system in this country - it doesn't support young people learning what it's really like.

I was 23 when I first had sex...and it was brilliant (yeah I know that's cliched but hey).

I think that's quite late for a guy in the UK. I dunno - my contemporaries at the time didn't really mention whether they had done it or it an English thing? Is it a Goan thing?

I mean there are probably people reading this who know me, who are like...eww...(feel free to comment by all means!)

Talking with my mum about the whole area is quite funny. I always get struck by how much I don't give her enough credit. Mum's know best, and they know everything. Not quite sure about dads...I'm not sure I could have quite the same conversation about the topic. I don't know till I do it I suppose...

I mean, can you imagine talking about masturbation with your dad?

Onwards and upwards...