Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back To School (Mini Maggit)

Aha...after the shenanigans of the day before half-term (see the pic!) I am sooooo knackered after the first week back...

The week before half term was our charity week.

In my madness I said to my tutor group (year 8 - so they're turning 13 years old) that if they raised over £200 for their Sponsored Silence, I would come into school dressed as Darth Vader. it turned out - they raised £230.

And it also happens that my form know about deep knowledge of the Force and all things Star Wars fact, they frequently bring it up in their Religious Studies(RS) Lesson. The RS teacher tells me people in my form say things to him like: "Sir, Mr. D'Souza thinks the Force is real."

I wasn't sure if they would actually do it...and you know what - they did. They were silent for a whole day.

No kidding.

A whole day.

One of the noisiest forms in the school...silent.

The science teacher loved it.

So anyway - I hurriedly bought a costume from e-bay. All the boys were wearing their own clothes on that day anyway - and there I was...teaching as Darth Vader.

It was received really well. The pic was taken by one of my Year 13 boys (17-18 years old) .

The pic doesn't really do the whole thing justice...I had a light sabre that changed colour from blue (for when Anakin was good) to red (for when he became Darth Vader) huh?

Well it maybe quite sad...just depends on your viewpoint...

As for right now - I'm glad the first week back is over...I'm soooo knackered...parents' evening on Thursday night that was draining because I was really having a go at them...and embarrassing them...ah the joys of teaching!