Tuesday, January 24, 2006

All I Wanna Do...

I was asked by someone recently to write something on my blog about what I wanted to do...rather than going on about how much I've done, and how much I do.

I was thinking about this, and discovered a little note I'd written on my trusty PDA entitled:
"Things I Wanna Do:"

So here they are:
* have my family be together and happy
* be the Godfather (without the killing and illegal activities)
* transforming goan community-50 goans doing Landmark Forum
* being healthy-living to 100 years of age
* creating a school as a Headmaster
* teach teachers
* lead the Team Leader programme at Landmark Education
* get the Young London Goans' Society (YLGS) in the media
* create a foundation for YLGS to be around forever
* buy a house
* have at least 1 party per year for friends
* write a book
* design a portfolio of tattoos
* build my own website
* write an album

In actually reading this, it's making me think about my future, and what I want to create - and of course - am I working towards it or not.

It's something for me to think about.