Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tired But Happy...

Ah well...I've assembled a desk, and got the upgrade on my phone - YAY!

It's funny, but now I have a 'workspace' set up, I feel a bit better - as if my head is a bit clearer. School is fast approaching, and I want to be at least ready for it...I feel a bit out of it!

As for the phone...well my Treo 600 has been wonderful. I changed to Orange just to get that handset...and the Treo 650 has been available, but not on upgrade. I was very annoyed about this, and made lots of calls to business stores around London...

...in the end I called up customer services, and they had some available! YAY! So I'll have my nice new phone by the end of the week...and I can't wait!

I've also been thinking a lot about the vibes I put out...I was recently given the idea to consider: the universe is just a giant intention fulfilling machine...and that depending on my intentions it gives the results I get...interesting...Conversations With God has a lot to say about this topic!

The intriguing part is that distinguishing my 'counter'-intentions and letting them go aligns the universe to fulfil my intention...so an example:
intention: to receive my new phone by tomorrow
counter-intentions: [written and deleted]

So I'll let you know what happens tomorrow...hehehe...