Thursday, April 11, 2013

JDS Insights: March 2013

This is going to be the last post of this type on this website.

It's time to retire the diary. The insights are moving on. This blog is going to shift, evolve and perhaps multiply.

During March I thought a lot. I spoke to the people I needed to. I'm still grateful. Nothing much changes that. Lessons were taught. Lessons were learned. And I gained some tutoring off my own back.

People will pay for me to tell them a bunch of stuff - that I actually know about. Cool.

But this year so far, I've received some ideas and comments about my writing. This blog is too all over the place; too unfocused; too unwieldy to actually provide specific value. And I do think I can offer something of value - I just haven't worked it out yet. I feel if I'm going to develop my writing I need to focus and test.

Things I can write about:
1. teaching
2. android apps
3. men's clothes and style
4. organising/ productivity
5. books
6. spiritual insight

So a little bit on each and I'll go from there.

Have a look at the stuff below and see what jumps out at you. Then take some action in your life.

Mar 01: Life happens. My response is up to me. Mar 02: If I don't listen to my spirit, it'll find a way of using the mind and body to get the message through. Mar 03: My body is just a vehicle for spiritual expression. Mar 04: We are all capable of moments of deep awareness. We just don't have a reason to develop it. Mar 05: The state of the outer world will change naturally when our collective inner world does. Mar 06: The way the world is, reflects how we think about ourselves and each other. Mar 07: Action changes reality. But we don't always act in our best interests. Mar 08: All the knowledge in the world changes nothing. It needs action. Mar 09: When I've done all I can, where I need to look is who I am being. Mar 10: Being begin. Same letters. Mar 11: Anything can be emasculating. Mar 12: Hate requires energy. Mar 13: Death is physically unavoidable. Mar 14: Death is only a matter of opinion. Mar 15: We all get recycled. Mar 16: There's always a different way to look at things. Mar 17: Death shapes life, life shapes death. Getting over my self is the hard part. Mar 18: Life says: it's nothing personal. You just make it so. Mar 19: No matter how bad it gets, life goes on. Mar 20: No matter how good it gets, life goes on. Mar 21: Life and death don't judge. Humans do. Mar 22: God is beyond judgements. There's only observations about what's so. Mar 23: My purpose is what I say it is. It's not given by anyone else. Mar 24: Allowing oneself to be caught up in truly living and one stumbles across being truly alive. Mar 25: Keeping going when I want to stop is what will make the difference. As long as I know where I'm headed. Mar 26: Thinking that I'm the only one struggling is a mistake. It makes my problems seem much more than they truly are. Mar 27: Pausing and reflecting can have more of an impact than resting. Mar 28: Sometimes meditation has to be active. Mar 29: Getting our minds to be quiet is more difficult than speaking less. But speaking less is a step in the right direction. Mar 29: Not all men are emotionally inept. Mar 30: Noticing my breathing helps me listen. Mar 31: Anger in and of itself is not unhealthy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JDS Insights: Feb 2013

Writing that post in January helped a lot. Perspective shifted again in February with some news that went to my core.

It made me think about how I define myself. What makes me who I am? My actions? My choices? Stuff that happens to me?

The more I thought about it, the more I began to actually experience that life isn't personal - there's no right or wrong with how life carries on - there's only the choices I make in response to what's happening. My view of it is up to me.

I am not my circumstances. My circumstances are just another chance to make a statement to the universe. I'm sure someone somewhere said you really find out about yourself when you're really challenged. Well I am.

But then, maybe I am creating the perfect circumstances to make a statement about myself to universe?

Nah - just over analysis. Get on with it...

Really though, I am glad to have the people in my life who care lots. I am glad I am not an island.

Aside from all that thinking, I went skiing. My last ski trip with school. And I wasn't too bad - improved fitness always helps! In fact I skied with the top group - and kept up. It was still work though: 40 boys on a coach etc. Although one boy managed to bring an illness with him...and infected almost everyone. The result was, I came back really ill. Combined with the interesting events alluded to earlier made for me feeling brain fried for a lot of February.

I think it's reflected in the insights. Cast your gaze over them and see what emerges.*

Thank you to all readers.


Feb 01: Death is the ultimate in reset button. Feb 02: Look back but not for too long. Feb 03: Aiming to please everyone will cause a lifetime of misery. Feb 04: I don't have to accept anything as it is. Depends what I am willing to alter. Feb 05: I don't have to accept what everyone tells me. Feb 06: Acceptance is different from resignation. Feb 07: Everything I wear is a representation of something. Choose consciously. Feb 08: I am what I do... I think... Feb 09: Babies take in everything. Feb 10: Blame is different from responsibility. Feb 11: There is always consistency between our deepest thoughts about reality and results. Feb 12: We create the perfect circumstances to match who we are.  Feb 13: Choice is available in any moment. Feb 14: Always remember feelings come and go like clouds in the sky. Feb 15: Just because the circumstances are difficult doesn't mean I have to be. Feb 16: I actually have a choice about how I respond. Feb 17: My body manifests my internal state. Feb 18: Mind, body and spirit are all one. Different parts take charge and different times. Feb 19: Illness can mean something I have yet to let go of, or come to terms with. Feb 20: The opinions I hold onto the most are the ones I question the least. Feb 21: Nothing is unalterable. Feb 22: Nothing is certain - it's all just probability waiting to happen. Feb 23: I find out more about myself when life is beyond what I initially think I can handle. Feb 24: Nothing that happens is beyond my capacity to create. Feb 25: Nothing that happens is beyond my capacity to control. Feb 26: Masters don't control - they just surrender to life's currents. Resistance is futile. Feb 27: If I feel as if life is smacking me around then it is. Feb 28: Life will always flow - whatever form it takes.
*my words

JDS Insights: January 2013

Yeah. January. Well.

I think there's only one post that can sum up that month...and that's Live Shit Binge and Purge.

So yeah - more death in January. Hah - that sounds like a good name for a band.

January is always the whole looking back, looking forward thing. But sometimes life has a way of taking over; imposing itself on you with such a big event that the perspective on everything shifts. That's why this is being written in March...I think...or maybe there's another reason?

Anyway, that's what happened.

The Great Cosmic Joke.

Apart from that, mock exams were marked, school structures changed and it got cold.*
Jan 01: Every moment is an opportunity to start again. Jan 02: Everything renews itself. Jan 03: The good news: it's one big circle. The bad news: it's one big circle. Jan 04: I have good ideas all the time. The problem is collection and implementation. Jan 05: What I look like is not who I am. It's just a refraction. Jan 06: What I look like either fits with my self or not. Jan 07: When there is consistency between what I look like and my self, there's a foundation for power. Jan 07: Owning my appearance gives me limited freedom to create who I am. Jan 08: Owning my self gives me deep freedom to create who I am. Jan 09: Clothes can either hide, enhance or deceive. Consciously choosing which one is mastery. Jan 10: Just because it worked out today, doesn't mean it will tomorrow. Jan 11: Just because it didn't work out today, doesn't mean it will tomorrow. Jan 12: Either way it all works out. Jan 13: Think about tomorrow but remember today is where it all happens. Jan 14: If someone else is defensive towards me, it doesn't mean it's about me. Jan 15: Mostly, other people's behaviour is a reflection of them. Jan 16: If someone knows more than you, listen to what they tell you and then do it. Jan 17: You never really know the impact someone has on your life until they're gone. Jan 18: When something reminds you of someone, that's the person's spirit saying hey. Jan 19: It's difficult to know how something affects you if you don't communicate. Jan 20: Letting go is always a choice. Jan 21: I keep the memories I want and let go of the ones I don't. Jan 22: It takes something outrageous to shock us out of our daily stupor. Jan 23: Making the most of each moment is a cliché. Outrageous behaviour keeps us alive. Jan 24: Daily stupor is a result of thinking I know everything. Jan 25: Daily stupor is a result of thinking I know nothing. Jan 26: Interruptions have a purpose. We just have to discover what it is. Jan 27: Interruptions happen on different levels. The deeper the level, the more profound the change. Jan 28: A real challenge: appreciate the consequences of our daily actions. Jan 29: The real challenge is not to appreciate the obvious people in your life, but the ones whose impact is slightly under our radar. Jan 30: Appreciate everything: every little thing. Jan 31: Everyone is missed by someone.